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Notes on Statistics 

Exe-25 ,

Notes on Statistics 

Introduction to Statistics

– A study dealing with the collection, presentation and interpretation and analysis of data is called as statistics


  • Facts /figures numerical or otherwise collected for a definite purpose is called as data.
  • data collected first-hand data:- Primary
  • Secondary data: Data collected from a source that already had data stored


– The number of times a particular instance occurs is called frequency in statistics.

Ungrouped data

Ungrouped data is data in its original or raw form. The observations are not classified in groups.

Grouped data

In grouped data, observations are organized in groups

Class Interval

  • The size of the class into which a particular data is divided.
  •    E.g divisions on a histogram or bar graph.
  • Class width = upper class limit – lower class limit

Regular and Irregular class interval

  • Regular class interval: When the class intervals are equal or of the same sizes.
  • E.g 0-10, 10-20, 20-30…..
  • Irregular class interval: When the class intervals are of varying sizes.
  • E.g 0-35, 35-45, 45-55,

Frequency table

– A frequency table or distribution shows the occurrence of a particular variable in a tabular form.


  • Raw data needs to be sorted in order to carry out operations.-
  • Sorting ⇒ ascending order or descending order

Ungrouped frequency table

– When the frequency of each class interval is not arranged or organised in any manner

Grouped frequency table

– The frequencies of the corresponding class intervals are organised or arranged in a particular manner, either ascending or descending.

Exe-25 ,Statistics Class-8 RS Aggarwal ICSE Goyal Brothers Prakashan Solutions

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