Thank You Mam MCQ ISC Prism Workbook Solutions Class 11

Thank You Mam MCQ ISC Prism Workbook Solutions Class 11. Step by step workbook answer of questions and explanations of ISC Prism Class 11 . Chapter Wise Workbook Solutions of Evergreen Publications  .Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-11 English.

Thank You Mam MCQ ISC Prism Workbook Solutions Class 11 workbook answer

Thank You Mam MCQ ISC Prism Workbook Solutions Class 11

Board ISC
Publications Evergreen Publications
Subject English
Class 11
Book Name  Prism (A collection of short Stories )
Chapter-5 Thank You Mam
Topics MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

(Thank You Mam ISC Prism Workbook Solutions Class 11)

Question 1 :- What did Mrs. Jones do after she caught Roger?

A. She let him go immediately B. She took him to her house C. She gave him money and sent him away D. She called his parents

Answer: B. She took him to her house

Question 2 :- What did Mrs. Jones ask Roger to do at her house?

A. To clean the house B. To wash his face C. To cook dinner D. To fix the broken furniture

Answer: B. To wash his face

Question 3 :-What did Mrs. Jones and Roger do together at her house?

A. They watched a movie B. They ate dinner together C. They played a board game D. They discussed literature

Answer: B. They ate dinner together

Question 4 :-  What is the name of the woman in the story?

A. Mrs. Luella Bates B. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington C. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones D. Mrs. Luella Washington Jones

Answer: C. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones

Question 5 :-. What did Roger try to steal from Mrs. Jones?

A. Her shoes B. Her purse C. Her food D. Her money

Answer: B. Her purse

Question 6 :- How did Mrs. Jones react when Roger tried to steal her purse?

A. She screamed and ran away B. She called the police C. She kicked him and shook him D. She ignored him and continued walking

Answer: C. She kicked him and shook him

Question 7. What did Mrs. Jones tell Roger about her job?

A. She works in a hotel beauty-shop that stays open late B. She is a teacher at a local school C. She is a nurse at a nearby hospital D. She is a lawyer in a big firm

Answer: A. She works in a hotel beauty-shop that stays open late

Question 8. Why did Mrs. Jones give Roger ten dollars?

A. To buy groceries for his family B. To buy himself some blue suede shoes C. To pay for his school fees D. To help him start a small business

Answer: B. To buy himself some blue suede shoes

Question  9. What advice did Mrs. Jones give to Roger before he left?

A. To study hard and get good grades B. To not make the mistake of stealing again C. To respect his elders D. To find a job and work hard

Answer: B. To not make the mistake of stealing again

Question 10. How did Roger feel when he was leaving Mrs. Jones’ house?

A. He felt relieved B. He felt scared C. He felt grateful D. He felt angry

Answer: C. He felt grateful

Question  11. The lady in the story is-

a) fat  b) slim c) large  d) tall

Answer : –  c) large

Question  12. Roger and Mrs Jones met at

a) 11 p.m. b) 9 p.m. c) 11 a.m. d) 9 a. m.

Answer : – a) 11 p.m.

Question  13. The purse of Mrs Jones contained

a) A hammer b) nails c) hammer and nails d) everything but hammer and nails

Answer : – d) everything but hammer and nails

Question  14. The purse of Mrs Jones had a

a) long strap b) delicate strap c) short strap d) beautiful strap

Answer : -a) long strap

Question  15. Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones referred to her large purse as

a) vanity bag b) notebook c) wallet d) pocketbook

Answer : – d) pocketbook

Question  16. The boy lost his balance because

a) he stopped b) of the combined weight of the purse and the boy c) the lady caught him by his shirt d) of the weight of the lady

Answer : – d) pocketbook

Question  17. The boy, losing his balance, fell on

a) the road b) the lady c) the sidewalk d) a mire

Answer : – c) the sidewalk

Question  18. The first thing that the lady told the boy was to

a) say sorry b) shout loudly c) to go with her d) pick up her purse

Answer : – d) pick up her purse

Question  19. The lady picked up the boy from the street by holding

a) trousers b) shirt front c) wrist d) arm

Answer : – b) shirt front

Question  20. The lady wanted to give the boy

a) a wash b) a thrashing c) a talk d) some money

Answer : – a) a wash

Question  21. The age of the boy (Roger) was

a) 13 or 14 yrs b) 12 or 13 yrs  c) 14 or 15 yrs  d) 15 or 16 yrs

Answer : -c) 14 or 15 yrs

Question  22. The boy had on his feet

a) suede shoes  b) tennis shoes  c) military shoes  d) slippers

Answer : -b) tennis shoes

Question  23. The physique of the boy was

a) robust  b) strong  c) large  d) frail

Answer : –  d) frail

Question  24. The colour of the jeans that the boy was wearing was

a)black  b) white  c) green  d) blue

Answer : –  d) blue

Question  25. The boy begged the lady to

a) give him money  b) give him clothes  c) turn him loose  d) give food

Answer : –  c) turn him loose

Question  26. The name of the lady was

a) Laila Bates Washing Jones  b)Luella Washington Jones  c) Luella Bates Washington John  d) Luella Bates Washington Jones.

Answer : –  d) Luella Bates Washington Jones.

Question  27. When sweat popped out on Roger’s face

a) he began to struggle  b) he began to shout  c) he turned around  d) he ran away desparately

Answer : –  a) he began to struggle

Question  28. The boy tried to snatch the purse to buy

a) books  b) shoes  c) food  d) jeans

Answer : –  b) shoes

Question  29. Mrs Jones dragged the boy into

a) her workplace  b) cottage  c) a room  d) a hotel

Answer : –  c) a room

Question  30. Roger could hear other people

a) discussing  b) shouting  c) quarrelling  d) laughing and talking

Answer : –  d) laughing and talking

Question  31. Mrs Jones put a half-nelson about Roger’s neck. By the term “half-nelson’ we understand

a)a special pose in karate b) a special hold by the neck in a rugby match  c) a special hold by the neck in a wrestling match  d) a special pose in a wrestling match

Answer :-   c) a special hold by the neck in a wrestling match

Question  32. “Kitchenette’ literally means a

a) large kitchen  b) kitchen equipment  c) small kitchen  d) furnished kitchen

Answer :–  c) small kitchen

Question  33. Mrs Jones was sitting on

a) the sofa  b) the cot  c) the day-bed  d) the chair

Answer :–  c) the day-bed

Question  34. Mrs Jones had a past which was

a) glorious  b) happy c) peaceful d) not so glorious

Answer :–  d) not so glorious

Question  35. The lady wanted the boy to comb his hair because he would look

a) beautiful b) appropriate  c) tidy  d) presentable

Answer :– d) presentable

Question  36. Mrs Jones fed the boy with

a) chicken sandwich  b) hot dog and brandy  c) lima beans and ham  d) bread and omelet.

Answer :– c) lima beans and ham

Question  37. Mrs Jones cut for Roger

a) half of her ten-cent cake  b) quarter of her ten-cent cake c) quarter of her twenty-cent cake
d) half of her fifty-cent cake

Answer :– d) half of her fifty-cent cake

Question  38. While eating supper, Mrs Jones told Roger about

a) A her job  b) her childhood  c) her neighbours  d) her children

Answer :– b) her childhood

Question  39. Mrs Jones worked in a

a) A restaurant b) beauty-shop c) factory  d) office

Answer :–  b) beauty-shop

Question  40. The boy proposed to go to a store to buy

a) beans  b) ham  c) milk  d) cake

Answer :– c) milk

Question  41. The lady said that she would make coC0a out of

a) leftover milk  b) milk powder c) condensed milk  d) canned milk

Answer :–  d) canned milk

Question  42. The price of the cake that the lady

a) one dollar b) twenty five cents c) ten cents d) two dollar

Answer :– c) ten cents

Question  43. The lady offered the boy

a) ten dollars b) five dollars c) eight dollars d) one dollar

Answer :– a) ten dollars

Question  44. The last word that the boy could manage to say was

a) thank you madam b) thank you ma’am c) thanks  d) thank you

Answer :– d) thank you

Question  45. After this incident the boy met the lady

a) once b) twice c) never d) many times

Answer :–  c) never

Question  46. Mrs Jones’ attitude towards Roger was

a) A teacher-like b) police c) mother-like d) indifferent

Answer :– c) mother-like

Question  47. Roger was a teenager who needed

a) care and affection b) A financial support c) medical treatment d) education

Answer :– a) care and affection

Question  48. The boy barely managed to say to Mrs Luella Jones

a)A Thank you ma’am b) Thank you c) Thank God  d) Good cheers

Answer :– b) Thank you

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