The Cookie Lady Short Answer: Prism ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions

The Cookie Lady Short Answer: Prism  (A collection of short stories ) ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions Ch-12. Step by step workbook answer of questions and explanations of ISC Prism Class 12 . Chapter Wise Workbook Solutions of Evergreen Publications. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12 English.

The Cookie Lady Short Answer Prism ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions

The Cookie Lady Short Answer: Prism  (A collection of short stories ) ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions Ch-12

Board ISC
Publications Evergreen Publications
Subject English
Class 12
Book Name  Prism (A collection of short Stories )
Chapter-12 The Cookie Lady
Topics Short Answer Questions

Short Answer Questions

Ch-12 The Cookie Lady Short Answer: Prism  (A collection of short stories ) ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions

Que-1: Why is Bernard teased by his friends? Where does he go?

Ans:  He often visits an old lady named Mrs. Drew therefore Bernard is teased by his friend Ernie. Ernie asks in a teasing tone if Bernard is going to see his “lady friend” again. Bernard ignores such response and continues visited  to Mrs. Drew’s house which is located at the end of the street.

Que-2: Where was the old lady living? What kind of house was it?

Ans: At the of Elm StreetMrs. Drew lived in a small rundown grey house located. Which was shabby and neglected with peeling paint, sagging porch steps, overgrown weeds in the yard, and there was an old rocking chair on the porch of old house.

Que-3: What tempts Bubber to the cookie lady.

Ans: resh, warm cookies with nuts and raisins, Bubber is tempted to visit Mrs. Drew which are his favourite snaks. Old lady also serves him cold milk to drink with the cookies which makes it even more intention to Bubber who has a greedy of sweet tooth.

Que-4: What do you know about Bubber’s parents?

Ans:  His father’s name is Ralf Surle and his mother’s name is May Surle. They do not approve of Bubber’s frequent visits to Mrs. Drew’s house and feel there is something uncommon about the old lady’s influence on their son.

Que-5: How long has Bubber been visiting the old lady? How would she feel in his presence?

Ans: Bubber has been visiting Mrs. Drew since a month . She seems to greatly enjoy Bubber’s company, as she does not like being alone and asks him to stay longer. His presence feels to have a refreshing effect on lady.

Que-6: What did the boy feel in her company and after he left her?

Ans:  while eating cookies Bubber felt content and satisfied In Mrs. Drew’s company. But as soon as leaving her house for return home, he felt extremely weary, tired, and energyless.

Que-7: What reaction did Bubber’s parents give when he returned from Mrs Drew’s house?

Ans: The parents were anexious when he returned home late evening from Old lady “Mrs. Drew’s,” annoyed that he ignored their instruction not to stay too long. They also expressed concern that he came home exhausted, tired non energetic and something strange.

Que-8: What wrong do you find in Bubber visiting Mrs Drew?

Ans: He repeatedly visit and spend spare time with a seemingly strange elderly woman company. She appears to take mis- advantage by exploiting Bubber’s youth and energy for her personal benefit.

Que-9: How did the lady feel the change in herself when Bubber visited her on his last visit?

Ans: When Bubber’s visit last time he disclose it with Mrs. Drew. She feels shocking Therefore she came closer aside the Bubber where she suddenly begins re-juvenating and re-gaining a youthful vigour she had lost by touching at arm as well as cheek. Changes began to occur within her as reddening lips, lush hair, firm flesh, and an exuberant thrill at getting her old body back.

Que-10: Do you approve of the lady feeling happy over her transformation when she ignored what had happened to the boy?

Ans: Yes, She feeling very happy and satisfied over transformation occure in her body due to closer of youth lad. “She laughed with excitement” indicating full prove about her happiness after transformation.

Que-11: What fate is meted out to Bubber?

Ans: The last scene is extremely shockingly and heart broken tells that Bubber never return his home from his last visit  instead somehow turning into a bundle of trash papers and dry weeds blown by the wind, essentially erased removed or destroyed.

Que-12: What kind of boy is Bubber depicted?

Ans: Bubber charechter appear as a fat, greedy, but innocent and lacking awarness boy who allows his intention for sweets and cookies.  He could not know about the risky stranger mentality. His youthness and energy has been exploited without feeling like sweet poison.

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