The Great Automatic Grammatizator Short Answer ISC Class 11 Prism

The Great Automatic Grammatizator Short Answer ISC Class 11 Prism A collection of short stories Solutions. Step by step workbook answer of questions and explanations of ISC Prism Class 11 . Chapter Wise Workbook Solutions of Evergreen Publications  .Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-11 English.

The Great Automatic Grammatizator Short Answer ISC Class 11 Prism

The Great Automatic Grammatizator Short Answer ISC Class 11 Prism

Board ISC
Publications Evergreen Publications
Subject English
Class 11
Book Name  Prism (A collection of short Stories )
Chapter-4 The Great Automatic Grammatizator:
Topics Short Answer Questions


Short Answer Questions

(The Great Automatic Grammatizator ISC Class 11 Prism A collection of short stories)

Question-1: What does John Bohlen tell Knipe in the beginning of the story and how does this young engineer react?

Answer:  John Bohlen tells Knipe about his success of their project, repeatedly stating, “It’ll never work.” while Knipe, the young engineer, reacts with patience and optimism, assuring Bohlen that they only need to make some changes to their machine, which has over a million feet of wiring. He encourages Bohlen to be patient and continues to work on the machine until it starts fully functions.

Question-2: Describe the activities of the chief as observed by Knipe while sitting on the carpet.

Answer: , Knipe observe the chief’s nervous fingers playing with a paperclip, unbending it and straightening out the hairpin curves. He also observe the man’s unpleasant mouth, with only the lower lip moving whenever he talks. Mr. Bohlen asks Knipe that he take a week’s holiday if anything is bothering him.

Question-3: Explain Knipe’s thoughts and behaviour immediately after reaching his two room apartment.

Answer: when knipe reached in his two-room apartment, He pours  a drink of whiskey and sat down in front of the typewriter . He re call of meeting with Bohlen  and thought that Bohlen was right toward a holiday .  He is also frustrated with Bohlen’s idea on a story writing machine.  He takes a sip of whiskey and begins to read of half typed story.

Question-4: How does the narrator describe Knipe’s feelings at the moment he took some whiskey and began saying, “To hell with ___

Answer: as soon as he take a  sip of whiskey and begins to say, “To hell with…,” the narrator describes his feelings  towards  Bohlen who invented the great electrical computing machine. He is clearly unhappy with his current situation and contributions as he continues to drink, his mood start to change.

Question-5:  How does he come to the conclusion that he can build an engine along the lines of the electric computer?

Answer: Knipe realizes that just as the electric computer uses pulses of electricity to solve mathematical problems, therefore  an engine can be also invented with same principle that could be adjusted to arrange words in their correct order of grammar rules to make it sensible.

He believes that if he can input the verbs, nouns, adjectives, and pronouns and store them in the memory section for process as a vocabulary, the output  to be extracted as required, then he can feed it with plots and leave it to write the sentence of story

Question-6: Discuss the way Knipe convinces Bohlen, to accept his proposal.

Answer: Knipe starts convinces with a well-reasoned argument and demonstrating the effectiveness of his idea. at starting Bohlen dismissed the proposal, Bohlen also asks its usefulness and profit . However, Knipe explains his idea in detail toward potential benefits . Knipe also explain the feature of machine, using the control panel to create a story in real-time . Now Bohlen impressed by the speed and efficiency

Question-7:  What does Knipe tell Bohlen about his stories?

Answer: Knipe tells about his stories to Bohlen that he has written hundreds of short stories in the last ten years, approximately one a week. He also said that he has sent each of them to various magazines for publish, but none of them have been published

Question-8: How did the first writer react when he was approached to sign the contract?

Answer: As soon as Knipe reached to first writer for offering lifetime contract , the writer listened politely and carefully, decided that he was dealing with a lunatic, gave him a drink, and then firmly showed him to the door. The writer did not sign the contract.

Question-9: Why, according to Knipe, the articles written by hand have no hope?

Answer:  Knipe, thinks that hand-made article hasn’t a hope because it can’t possibly compete with mass-production, especially in the country. He thought that carpets, chairs, shoes, bricks, crockery, all made by machinery now.

The quality may be inferior, but that doesn’t matter. It’s the cost of production that counts. And stories is just another product, like carpets and chairs, and no one cares how it produced.

Question-10: How does the narrator explain the feelings of Adolf Knipe and John Bohlen at the moment of completion of the machine?

Answer:  At the moment of completion of the machine The narrator describes as an exciting moment when Mr. Bohlen and Adolph Knipe, stood in the corridor before the control panel and got ready to compose the first story. They were both nervous,

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