An Angel in Disguise Passage-2 Treasure Trove Workbook ICSE Solutions

An Angel in Disguise Passage-2 Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook ICSE English Solutions Ch-6. Question with answer of Workbook of Short story Book “Treasure Trove” An Angel in Disguise Passage-2 by T. S. Arthur.

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An Angel in Disguise Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook ICSE English Solutions

Board ICSE
Class 10th (X)
Subject English (Treasure Trove)
Chapter-6 An Angel in Disguise by T. S. Arthur
Passage -2 After considering …..her past condition.”
Topics Workbook Solutions of Questions
Session 2022-23

An Angel in Disguise Passage-2

Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook ICSE English Solutions

Question :- 1 Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

 After considering the matter, and talking it over…………..her past condition.”

Question 1. Who offered to take John? Why?

Answer: The Farmer Jones offered to take the boy John with him as John was stout and the farmer could make him work in his fields.

Question 2. Who took Katy? Why?

Answer: Mrs Ellis took Katy because she had been looking for a bound girl to work in her house. However, Mrs Ellis pretended that she was doing charity as she said the girl would be of no use for several years and would surely cause trouble as she seemed headstrong.

Question 3. How did the villagers look at Maggie? Why did no one want to take her?

Answer: The reason of villagers looked at Maggie with pity because she was thin and diseased. They showed concern for the poor child and many mothers even brought cast-off garments and, removed her soiled and ragged clothes and dressed her in clean attire.

They felt sympathy and concern for the sad eyes and patient face of the little but none of them wanted to take, her with them as she was disabled and of no use to them.

Question 4. What solution did the rough man suggest for Maggie? Why would the poorhouse be a good place for Maggie?

Answer: The rough man suggested that Maggie be taken to a poorhouse which was meant for destitute and orphans like Maggie who had no one to take care of them.

It was felt that it would be the best place for her because she would be kept clean, have healthy food, and be doctored, which was more than could be said of her past condition or her life with her alcoholic mother.

Question 5. Who came to mourn the dead woman? Why did no one follow the dead cart?

Ans. A few neighbours came to mourn the dead woman but none followed the dead cart because they did not feel she deserved any respect or sympathy.

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