Atmospheric Pollution Exe-8D MCQs Chemistry Class-9 ICSE Selina Publishers

Atmospheric Pollution Exe-8D MCQs Chemistry Class-9 ICSE Selina Publishers Solutions Chapter-8. Step By Step ICSE Selina Concise Solutions of Chapter-8 Atmospheric Pollution with All Exercise including MCQs, Very Short Answer Type, Short Answer Type, Long Answer Type, Numerical and Structured/Application Questions Solved . Visit official Website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-9.

Atmospheric Pollution Exe-8D MCQs Chemistry Class-9 ICSE Concise Selina Publishers

Board ICSE
Publications Selina Publication
Subject Chemistry
Class 9th
Chapter-8 Atmospheric Pollution
Book Name Concise
Topics Solution of Exercise – 8D MCQs (Ozone)
Academic Session 2023-2024

D. Exercise – 8D MCQs

Atmospheric Pollution Class-9 Chemistry Concise Solutions  


(Choose the correct answer from the options given below).

1. Excessive release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the cause of :

(i) depletion of ozone
(ii) formation of polar vortex
(iii) global warming
(iv) formation of smog


(iii) global warming

2. Inhalation of air polluted with carbon monoxide is dangerous because :

(i) CO combines with O2 dissolved in the blood.
(ii) CO combines with haemoglobin of blood.
(iii) CO removes water from the body and causes dehydration.
(iv) CO causes coagulation of proteins in the body.


(ii) CO combines with haemoglobin of blood

3. A decrease in the amount of ozone in the stratosphere is called depletion of ozone and it is caused by :

(i) UV radiations of the sun
(ii) excessive use of detergents
(iii) burning coal and wood
(iv) Use of CFC compounds


(iv) Use of CFC compounds

4. Which is not a greenhouse gas ?

(i) Carbon monoxide
(ii) Methane
(iii) Nitrous oxide
(iv) Carbon dioxide


(i) Carbon monoxide

5. The acid which is not responsible for acid rain is :

(i) Formic acid
(ii) Carbonic acid
(iii) Sulphuric acid
(iv) Nitric acid


(i) Formic acid

6. The branch of chemistry that aims to design product/process which minimize the use and/or generation of pollution is :

(i) Industrial chemistry
(ii) Green chemistry
(iii) Analytical chemistry
(iv) Biochemistry


(ii) Green chemistry

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