CISCE Critical Thinking Question: How Can Crack Such Exam ?

CISCE Critical Thinking Question: How Can Crack Such tough Exam of this year. As you know that  CISCE  has declare that this year she was going to ask such type questions in board exam. Therefore we have prepare this article with student reaction and capability of cracking this strange exam.

CISCE Critical Thinking Question:  Why it is Important

Critical analysis allows you to have greater clarity on the issues and information you process. Academic disciplines are kept alive through constant reflection, debate and refinement of ideas. Critical analysis is thus crucial to the survival and renewal of all fields of enquiry.

Best Evaluation of student by Critical Thinking Question

Critical analysis is the detailed examination and evaluation of another person’s ideas or work. It is subjective writing as it expresses your interpretation and analysis of the work by breaking down and studying its parts

CISCE Critical Thinking Question How Can Crack Such Exam

Questions can transform learning and strengthen student achievement by developing meta-cognition which can help develop critical thinking. Additionally, questions stimulate students’ interest and can increase motivation for learning

Student Are Much Confused — Report

CISCE Critical Thinking Question: As per report stunt of ICSE as well as ISC are somewhat confused about the question format and standard of board paper. They told to member of our team and via phone call that how and which type pattern will be adopted in this board exam. Student added that they have no idea or any hint about such type questions.

No Trained Teachers Available Currently

The critical thinking Questions creating confusion not only student of CISCE but also for teachers. We have talked and discussed over the matter among some teacher most of them told that they have not any clear idea about the critical thinking Questions.  we need special training with proper example and guideline, “added teachers”.

No Such Questions on CISCE Textbook 

According to news There is no practice question on exercise of CISCE textbooks. Student are searching these type question through online even most of they not satisfied about the new pattern.


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