Diseases Cause and Control Short Answer Biology Class-9 ICSE Selina Publishers

Diseases Cause and Control Short Answer Biology Class-9 ICSE Selina Publishers Solutions Chapter-16. Step By Step ICSE Selina Concise Solutions of Chapter-16 Diseases Cause and Control with Exercise-16 including MCQs, Very Short Answer Type, Short Answer Type, Long Answer Type and Structured/Application Questions Solved Visit official Website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-9.

Diseases Cause and Control Exe-16 Short Answer Biology Class-9 ICSE Concise Selina Publishers

Board ICSE
Publications Selina Publication
Subject Biology
Class 9th
Chapter-16 Diseases Cause and Control
Book Name Concise
Topics Solution of C. Short Answer Type
Academic Session 2023-2024

C. Short Answer Type 

Diseases Cause and Control Class-9 Biology Concise Solutions  

Page 176

Question 1.


(a) Infection

(b) Pathogen

(c) Incubation

(d) Disease

(e) Vaccine


(a) Infection: The transmission of diseases from one person to another is called infection.

(b) Pathogen: A pathogen is a disease-causing micro-organism.

(c) Incubation: Incubation period is the period between the entry of germs and appearance of the first symptoms of the disease. All infectious diseases have a certain incubation period.

(d) Disease: Disease is a departure from normal health through structural or functional disorder of the body.

(e) Vaccine: Vaccine is a biological formulation that consist of dead or weakened disease causing organism that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease.

Question 2.

Write the scientific names of the causative organisms for the following, diseases :

(a) Cholera

(b) Typhoid

(c) Tuberculosis

(d) Taeniasis

(e) Filariasis


(a) Vibrio Cholerae

(b) Salmonella typhi

(c) Mycobacterium tuberculosis

(d) Taenia solium

(e) Wuchereria bancrofti

Question 3.

Name the causative germ of AIDS. How is this disease transmitted?


Causative germ of AIDS:

HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus)

Transmission of AIDS:

(a) Sexual intercourse

(b) Mother to child transmission

(c) Contaminated blood transfusions

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