Ecosystem Class-8th Goyal Brothers ICSE Biology Solutions

Ecosystem Class-8th Goyal Brothers ICSE Biology Solutions Chapter-3 (Ecosystem), Unit-1. We Provide Step by Step Answers of Fill in the blanks Chapter-3, Unit 1, Ecosystem. Visit official Website  CISCE  for detail information about ICSE Board Class-8.

Ecosystem ICSE Class-8th Goyal Brothers

Biology Solutions Chapter-3,Unit-1

Board ICSE
Class 8th
Subject Biology
Book Name Goyal Brothers
Chapter-3 Ecosystem
Unit-1 Ecosystem
Topic Solution of exercise questions
Session 2023-24

Ecosystem ICSE Class-8th Goyal Brothers

I. Notes:

1. Ecosystem: All Organisms such as plant, Animals, microorganisms and human beings interact with each other as well as with the physical surroundings and maintain balance in nature. All the interacting organisms in an area together with the non living physical surroundings form as an ecosystem or ecological system.

2. Types of Ecosystem:


Types of Ecosystem

3. Decomposers: Decomposers are also called saprophytic organisms. These consumes and thus decompose the dead remains of other organisms. For example certain bacteria and fungi break down the complex organic compounds present in the dead organism into simpler substance.

4. Scavengers: Animals that feed on dead animals are called Scavengers.

Example: Hawk, Crow, Jackal etc.

I. Fill in the blanks :

  1. The region of the earth where life exists is called _Biosphere_.
  2. The two major components of ecosystems are _Biotic_ and _Abiotic_.
  3. The abiotic components of the biosphere are _Inorganic Substance, _Organic Compound and_ Climatic Factors_.
  4. An aquarium is a/an _Artificial_ ecosystem_.
  5. The primary source of energy in an ecosystem is _Sun_.
  6. The three biotic components of an ecosystem are _Autotrophs, _Heterotrophs_ and Decomposers_.
  7. Two examples of decomposers are _Bacteria_ and _Fungi_.
  8. In an ecosystem, green plants are _Producers_.

— : end of Ecosystem chapter 3, unit 1 Class-8th Goyal Brothers:–

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