Effective Study Plan: for 2023-24 Session, Follow Expert Suggestion

Effective Study Plan: for 2023-24 Session, Follow Expert Suggestion. It is not so easy to prepare easily for the most important exam in a student’s life i.e. Class 10 /12 board Exams. With a proper study plan and essential materials, a student can score more in the Class 10 /12 Board Examination. You can boost your preparation for the Class 10/12 Exams 2023-24 session.

Most Effective Study Plan

for CISCE and Other Board Exam

Effective Study Plan: Plan play an important factor to achieve a goal . It is not only important for study but also in every part of your life. History teach us that a target without plan can not be achieved.

One way to ensure studying success is to create a solid study schedule. Creating a study schedule, though, can be harder than you think.

Not only do you have to prioritize the subjects and courses you need to study for within a certain amount of time, but you also have to juggle other responsibilities such as family, friends, and entertainment.

Why does one need a Study Plan?

  • study plan is an effective way to help you navigate through the examination syllabus in an organized way.
  •  Every student develops a different study plan; there is no correct study plan for everyone.
  • You can spend less time in studying and achieve more if you do it correctly.

Study Plan for 2023-24 Session

Get Your Latest Syllabus: This is the first step to prepare a effective study plan. You can get syllabus from school / cisce.org / Syllabus book of 2023-24 for class 9and 11  and 2024-25 for class 10/12.

List the Subjects for Study: It is the second step which play an important role to prepare a schedule for 2023-24 session.

Divide your Available Time: Before you go on, you need to divide up your available time during the session into study blocks. After you do this, you can go and assign your blocks to a subject.

Reserve Time for Non-Academic Activities. While blocking off time for each subject, you also need to make sure that you are reserving time for family, friends, Travel , entertainment and rest. This is because you won’t be able to succeed in your studies unless you create a healthy balance between your personal life and your academic life.

Follow the Schedule: The one hard-and-fast rule about making sure your schedule works is that you’ve got to adhere to your schedule. There’s no point in making a study schedule if you don’t stick to it.

Make Self Written Notes Subject Wise: You should make a self written notes of each subject including figure chart table.

Evaluate Yourself:  through online / offline test you can evaluate to your preparation yourself time to time. You can change the study plan if found mistake.

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