Food Chains and Energy transfer Class-8th Goyal Brothers Biology Solution

Food Chains and Energy transfer ICSE Class-8th Goyal Brothers Biology Solutions Chapter-3, Unit-2 .We Provide Step by Step Answer of Objective, True False , Fill in the blanks ,Match the following , Short/Long Answer Type of chapter-3, unit-2, Food Chains and Energy transfer . Visit official Website  CISCE  for detail information about ICSE Board Class-8.

Food Chains and Energy transfer ICSE Class-8th Goyal Brothers

 Biology Solutions Chapter-3 Unit-2.

Board ICSE
Class 8th
Subject Biology
Book Name Goyal Brothers
Chapter-3 Ecosystem
Unit-2 Food Chains and Energy transfer .
Topic Solutions of exercise questions
Session 2023-24

Food Chains and Energy transfer

ICSE Class-8th Goyal Brothers

Test Yourself:

I) Fill In The Blanks:

  1. The sequential process of eating and being eaten is called a __Food Chain__.
  2. The flow of energy in a food chain is __Energy Pathways__.
  3. The network of interconnected food chain is called a __Food Web__.
  4. Complete the following food chain: Grass → __Grasshopper_ →Frog→ _Snake_ → _Hawk__.
  5. Write the aquatic organisms in order of who eats whom and form a chain of at least four steps: __Algae_→ _Insects_ → _Small fish_→_ Large fish__.

II) Define the following:

  • Food Chain
  • Trophic Level
  • Ecological Pyramid


  1. Food Chain : The transfer of food energy from plants through a number of Consumers (Herbivores  and carnivores) called Food Chain. It is a linear sequence of organisms where nutrients and energy is transferred from one organism to the other. It Occurs when one organism consumes another organism.
  2. Trophic Level : The Various links or steps representing organism in a food chain at which the transfer of food (and energy) takes place are called Trophic level.
  3. Ecological pyramid : It is a graphical representation of an ecological parameter like number of individual biomass or energy present at various trophic levels of a food chain.

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