History And Civics 2012 Solved Paper Previous Year Question ICSE

(c) International court of justice is the principal judicial organ of UNO.
Its Composition :

  1. It is composed of 15 judges elected for a 9 year term.
  2. The judges are elected by both security council and General Assembly by a majority vote.
  3. To maintain the continuity, one-third of the court i.e. five judges, are elected every three years.
  4. The court elects its President and Vice-President for three years. It also has power to appoint its Registrar.

Question 10:

With reference to the Cold War and the Non-Aligned Movement, answer the following questions :
(a) Explain Truman’s Doctrine. [3]
(b) State any three consequences of the Cold War. [3]
(c) Mention four major objectives of the Non-Aligned Movement. [4]

Answer 10:

(a) Answer has not given due to out of present syllabus.

(b) Three Consequences of the Cold War:

  1. Formation of Military Alliances: The cold war led to the formation of various alliances—NATO, (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organization), CENTO (Central Treaty Organization), Warsaw Pact etc.
  2. Arms race and Militarization: The cold war set in motion a mad race for armaments. Both the blocs spent huge sums on arms and amassed deadly weapons.
  3. Rapid Decolonization: An impact of East-West rivarly was rapid decolonization of many countries. The Eastern Bloc attacked Western powers for not liberating their colonies. It also rendered military and Moral support to wars of national liberation.

(c) Objectives of NAM:

  1. To preserve the freedom of the new nations from colonial and alien dominations.
  2. To protect human rights and to protect the environment.
  3. To eliminate all causes leading to war and in particular to eliminate nuclear weapons.
  4. To promote freedom to pursue a free domestic and foreign policy.
  5. To settle international disputes in a peaceful manner.
  6. To promote equality among individuals as well as among nations and to condemn all forms of discrimination especially the racial discrimination.
  7. To ensure a safer and peaceful world and to afford new opportunities in the development of one’s own country without endangering world peace. .
  8. To help the United Nations to be strong and effective.
  9. To save the new nations from falling by preying to the supremacy of the Super Powers.
  10. To establish a just economic order in order to bridge the gulf between the poor and the rich. (any four)

History and Civics Previous Year Solved Question Papers 

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Subject – History and Civics
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