HOTs: If 4-2=12, 5-4=16, 6-3=27, 7-1=? Solve to Check Capability

HOTs: If 4-2=12, 5-4=16, 6-3=27, 7-1=?. today is the age of competition and there is a lot of candidate in a few post of vacancy hence exam pattern has been fully modified nowadays . this exam pattern is not only for competitive exam but also for board exam as well as other exam.

HOTs: If 4-2=12, 5-4=16, 6-3=27, 7-1=? Why One Should Solve Such questions

Solve this  problems  to check your capacity to solve high order thinking questions. The HOTs  are considered a complete brain workout for people of all ages as they involve the engagement of the brain.  Solving this develop the skill of taking self decision on a project, All exam pattern is now adopted to ask such type question to guess the student capacity in more effective ways.

Many Educational Board Adopted HOTs Pattern

As per report many educational board such as CBSE and some state board have adopted this pattern in exam currently while CISCE board (ICSE and ISC) have declare to adopt such pattern from 2023-24 board exam.

How to Solve HOTs: Follow Given Step Carefully

  • Read the problem carefully and make sure you understand what is being asked.
  • Look at patterns or sequence that can gives an idea.
  • using basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. including squire / root or cube / root
  • If one method doesn’t fit, try a different
  • Solve regularly to develop capacity for analytical and critical problems.

HOTs: If 4-2=12, 5-4=16, 6-3=27, 7-1=?

These HOTs will help you, people, test your mind and your intelligence level in an innovative way. While solving these , you will need to fully concentrate on what you need to solve. Care fully analysis the figure given below and try to solve you.

HOTs If 4 2 12 5 4 16 6 3 27 7 1 (2)

HOTs: If 4-2=12,  5-4=16, 6-3=27, 7-1=? Solutions

How many time you have tried to solve the HOTs, You answer may be 3 to 5 time . If you could not get the answer then we have given the step by step solution to get the final answer.  The HOTs  is a best way to test your skills and confident level.

4-2=12, it means  (4 x 4) – (2 x 2) =16-4=12

5-4=9, it means  (5 x 5) – (4 x 4) =25-16=9

6-3=27, it means  (6 x 6) – (3 x 3) =36-9=27


Now apply the same process  / pattern and try to solve yourself. perhaps you will get the answer now.  what is the answer comment it at comment section with your class standard.


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