How Does Submarine Work? Working Principle to Sink and Rise

How Does Submarine Work? Working Principle to Sink and Rise in water. Humans brain are scientific in nature they want to know more and more about the mystery and invention / discovery. If you have alo questions / doubt on working of submarine then this article is helpful for you.

What is Submarine

Submarine is a water-tight boat which can travel under water like a ship. A submarine can travel on any point below water. It can travel just below the surface of water or just above the bottom of water.

Uses of Submarine

Civilian uses include marine science, carrying war head such as nuclear bomb, Enemy activity captured secretly exploration, and facility inspection and maintenance. Submarines can also be modified for specialized functions such as search-and-rescue missions and undersea cable repair. They are also used in tourism and undersea archaeology.

How Does Submarine Work?

How Does Submarine Work? It is provided with water tanks called Ballast Tanks. When the submarine is to dive, water is filled in water tanks to made heavier so that average density of submarine becomes greater than the density of seawater and it starts sinking.

How Does Submarine Work Working Principle to Sink and Rise

When the submarine is ready to surface, the ballast tanks release the water into the sea by a pump and fill with air. This lightens the submarine so that average density of submarine becomes lesser than the density of seawater and it starts rising.

How to Submarine get Oxygens?

How Submarines Make Oxygen. The crew / traveller  of a submarine needs to breathe – how do they get enough oxygen? Well, submarines have special machines that make oxygen from ocean water. This process is called Electrolysis.

Some cheaper / simple  submarine have pre store oxygen tank to breath but it is risky when submarine stay long time due to certain technical reason.

How to Get rid of Carbon di Oxide?

to remove CO2 from the cabin of  the submariners use a process called ‘CO2 Scrubbing‘. This is done chemically using soda lime (sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide) in devices called ‘scrubbers’. which absorb CO2

Can a Submarine Touch Ocean Floor?

The bottom of sea is muddy and wave like and there is also black dark as sunlight can not reach till here therefore it is impossible and risky to travel at bottom line even it can not touch bottom. The temperature at this place is lower to zero degree and fuel become solid.

How long a Submarine Stay / Submerged in Water / sea

However, most submarines typically stay underwater for a few weeks or months, depending on their mission objectives and the availability of supplies such as food and oxygen. Despite their advanced technology, submarines still have to resurface periodically to replenish their supplies, including food, water, and oxygen.

What happen if Engine of Submarine Fail under Water

There is only a few option if submarine is near the surface to save life. but at deeper point there is no technique to bring the submarine again at surface. Unfortunately none ship of world has enough power to draw back a submerged ship or transfer the crew / visitor into another submarine.

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Future Idea to Save Life

It is  a future plan that the cabin of crew/traveller should be automatically de attach from rest of submarine so that it can rise to the surface without engine. after de attach it become lighter and start rising to the surface without effort.


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