How to Prepare CISCE Student for JEE IIT Without Coaching

IIT JEE is one of the most important exams for students who are aspiring to pursue a career in the field of engineering.  JEE 2020 is further divided into two exams JEE Main and JEE Advanced. This also means that students have to cover a vast syllabus and master a lot of topics. Sometimes, JEE becomes the biggest nightmare for many candidates.

Preparation Tips for Cracking IIT JEE

There are effective Preparation tips to crack the most honorable exam .

1.Choose ICSE / ISC than CBSE for 6th to 10th: Syllabus and standard of question in  ICSE is harder than CBSE in earlier class while in class 11th syllabus is almost same in all board. Therefore ICSE student learnt more in previous class as compare to CBSE student.

2 Study From Class 11th: From ISC Class 11 and ISC 12th Self-study is one of the most important aspects of your JEE IIT preparation. Also Practice the JEE IIT question given in your text book at last of each exercise in Maths, Physics and Chemistry Textbook of ISC Board.   The more time you devote towards clearing your concepts in 3 topics (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) – the better are your chances of getting a top rank in the IIT JEE.

3 Time Management : One can achieve his goal if he learnt his time management . You will face time management in all part of your life . It’s crucial to make time your friend rather than making it your foe. Always remember – you need to work smart in addition to working hard. Sitting with a book 16 hours a day and actually studying for 16 hours a day makes a huge difference. Ensure you put in quality time studying when you are focused and avoid slouching or studying when feeling sleepy.

4. Plane a Schedule Which Can Follow: without proper  schedule none can win at any part of target . You have to mark your priorities first and jot down the work you cannot skip—lunch, classes and seminars. You will be mostly busy during the day with school, classes, so allot time for self-study in the evening. Take a short break after each subject and review your answers.

5.  Syllabus and Exam Pattern :  You should study all the important topics first and then solve sample problems. Certain topics in the IIT JEE syllabus have more weightage over others, so laying more stress on these important topics will help you score more marks in the exam. The tough topics obviously have more weightage, so without any concession, you ought to study them properly.

6. Solve Previous Years Question Paper: , solving previous years’ JEE / IIT question papers help you understand the overall approach and pattern followed in JEE / IIT exams. Apart from this, you become more confident by solving questions that had appeared in previous  exams.

By following above mention simple tips, you can crack IIT /JEE exams without joining to any coaching institute.

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