ICSE Biology 2023 Exam: Preparation Tips and Guideline

ICSE Biology 2023 Exam: Preparation Tips and Guideline. Focus on These Point otherwise It may be loss in marking. After the English , Maths, Geography ,Physics  and chemistry Exam, students are preparing to appear in the last exam of ICSE Class 10 Biology.

ICSE Biology 2023 Exam Preparation Tips and Guideline

To ensure your best performance,  make sure to check the given day revision tips and guidelines here. Visit the official website cisce.org for detail information.

ICSE Biology 2023 Exam: Preparation Tips and Guideline

According to press report English , Maths, Geography, Physics as well as Chemistry Exam are successfully conducted  in various ICSE School. The Biology exam is scheduled to be conducted from 11 am to 1.00 pm on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

The question format of ICSE Biology for this year, 2023 has changed. The paper is split into 2 sections.

Section A (compulsory) of 40 marks

Q1) 15 MCQ questions each of 1 mark (15×1=15)

Q2) 5 short answer questions of 5 marks each  [(5×5)=25]

Total Marks of Sec A = 15 + 25 = 40 Marks

Imp Tips for Sec-A

  • Answer all the these questions in order.
  • Read the MCQ question paper properly and answer the most appreciate answer.
  • While answering ‘Name the following’ question think better answer.
  • Re-write the logical sequence answer correctly and thoughtfully.
  • For match the following, it is advised to rewrite the correct answers beside with correct numbers. There shouldn’t be double matching.
  • For choose the odd one out, students should write the answers in a tabular form.
  • For questions on location, students are advised to write at least one line describing the location instead of answering in one word.
  • Solve Specimen paper Biology 2023 of Sec-A

Section B (Attempt Any 4 ) of 40 marks

It comprises of Question 3 to question 8 of 10 marks each but you should attempt only any 4 question.

Total Marks of Sec B = 4 x 10 = 40 Marks

Imp Tips for Sec-B

  • First of all choose any four question from this section which is easier for you.
  • Students should learn and expand the abbreviations etc.
  • When attempting the question on differences, the most imp points  to be written and both sides should be correct with example in both side.
  • For reasoning based questions, the most relevant reason should be explained.
  • Explain your answer with suitable figure to enhance your answer.
  • Terms or keywords should be highlighted in bold while writing answers.
  • Solve Specimen paper Biology 2023 of Sec-B released by CISCE
  • It is important to complete all the questions within the given time.
  • Writing to-the-point answers is expected.

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