Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1 Context Questions: ICSE Class 10 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1 Context Questions: ICSE Class 10 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama.  Context Questions are very common in English Drama because it help in the evalution of skill among students . Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10 English.

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1 Context Questions: ICSE Class 10 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama

Board CSE
Subject English
Class 10
Book Name Julius Caesar (Workbook )
Session  2024-25
Topics Solutions of Act-3, Scene-1
Question Type Context Questions

Context Questions

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1: ICSE Class 10 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama

Que:  Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow

Caesar (to the soothsayer) .. … …   his humble suit

Que-1: What does Caesar answer to the people who want him to read their suit? Who does Caesar get annoyed with? Why?

Ans: Caesar replied that he will read his suit last which matter touches personally. Caesar gets angry with Artemidorus on request to read his petition immediately.

Que-2: What does Popilus say to Cassius? Why does Cassius get tensed? What does he instruct Casca to do?

Ans: Popilius express to  Cassius good luck and success in his “enterprise” today. So Cassius tensed as conspiracy has been disclosed. Hetold Casca to be immediate in striking Caesar without delay.

Que-3: What makes Brutus tell Cassius to be calm?

Ans: Brutus recognise that Popilius is smiling at Caesar and Caesar’s expression does not change. This confirm Brutus to Cassius that Popilius was talking on another matter other than our secret plan.

Que-4: Who takes Antony out of the way? Why? What is Metellus Cimber’s suit to Caesar? State three instances to show Caesar’s high handedness in not granting Metellus Cimber’s suit.

Ans: Trebonius takes Antony out of the way which was the part of the murder plan. While Metellus Cimber puts a pleads before Caesar to banish his brother Publius Cimber.

Three instances showing Caesar’s high-handedness:

1) Caesar’s says prayers and flattery will not change my decision

2) He warn anyone trying to favour for Publius Cimber like kicking a dog

3) He reject the plea declaring himself as firm as the Northern star.

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1: ICSE Class 10 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama

CAESAR- I could be well  … … But I am constant as the .. … .

Que-1: Who does Caesar compare himself to in the blanks in the extract? How does he compare himself to the object?  Mention two qualities Caesar boasts about himself.

Ans: In the blank part of extract the Caesar compares himself as Northern star. He says that northern star isa fixed position which is same in my decisions . These are The two qualities to be proving boasts unshakable and unwavering.

Que-2: What is the outcome of Caesar’s high-handedness? Who strikes Caesar first and who strikes him last?

Ans: Caesar’s high-handedness and arrogance rect the conspirators starts attack him. Casca strikes first while Brutus at last.

Que-3: What are Caesar’s famous words before he falls? What is the significance of his last words?

Ans: Caesar’s  last and famous words are “Et tu, Brute?  . This express his unbreakable confidence over brutus So he shocked. and give up the struggle for defence

Que-4: What is the reaction of the people when Caesar falls? How does Brutus try to appease the people?

Ans: The people are fearful, running and crying as if it is doomsday while brutus try to explain them not to be fear . He added no one would be harm.

Que-5: How does Brutus show that he has performed an honourable deed? What does it tell us about Brutus?

Ans: Brutus tells the conspirators to wash their hands in blood of Caesar to show hounrable work. This idea describe that s Brutus trying to justify the murder as a true patriot.

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1: ICSE Class 10 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama

Stoop Romans, stoop, And let us bathe our hands . … .. our swords

Que-1: Who is the speaker? What does the speaker want the conspirators to do after this action?

Ans: In this extract The speaker is Brutus. He suggest the conspirators to go to the public place by waving their bloody swords and crying “Peace, freedom and liberty!”

Que-2:. Where does Caesar lie dead? Who does Cassius want to lead?

Ans: He lies dead at the base of Pompey’s statue. Cassius wants Brutus to lead for handeling the harsh situation wisely.

Que-3: Who enters after the extract? Why has the person come there? What has he been asked to do? What has that person been ordered to tell Brutus? What does Brutus have to vouchsafe?

Ans: The servant of Antony enters on his master request to confirm his safety. He has has been asked by Antony to kneel before Brutus. He ialso tell to Brutus that Antony loved Caesar but loves Brutus more. Brutus has promised safe passage for Antony if he comes here.

Que-4: What does Brutus assure the person?

Ans: Brutus assures the person that Antony will be safe and untouched if comes

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1: ICSE Class 10 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama

ANTONY –  O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so low .. … Fare thee well.

Que-1: What does Antony wish for? Why does he make such a wish?

Ans: Antony urge to be murder by the conspirators and placed near to Caesar’s corpse, as he wants to die respectfully with honour.

Que-2: What reason does Brutus give for not granting Antony’s wish? How does he justify to Antony the reason for murdering Caesar?

Ans: Brutus explains antony that you have only seeing bloody and cruel at first look but our hearts are pitiful. He replied that we have killed caesar for goodness of Rome.

Que-3: How does Brutus try to convince Antony that they have no ill will towards him? What does Antony do to extend his hand of friendship towards the conspirators? What is Antony’s ulterior motive in doing so?

Ans: Brutus replied that my swords and arms are neutral towards Antony. So Antony shakes hands with the conspirators, declaring affection and friendship. His secret motive to take revenge of Caesar’s death.

Que-4: What does Antony compare Caesar and the conspirators to? How does Antony win the confidence of the conspirators?

Ans: Antony compares Caesar to a deer hunted by many hunter together. He wins their confidence by flattering and praising them and pretending to be friends with Caesar’s enemies.

Que-5: What request does Antony make? Who objects to his request? Was the person who objected sound in his judgement of Antony?

Ans: Antony demands to speak at Caesar’s funeral. While Cassius take objects as he guess the cleverness of Antony.  Yes, Cassius doubt was absolutely right.

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1: ICSE Class 10 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama

ANTONY – O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece  … …. ….   lived in tide of times. 

Que-1: Why does Antony refer to Caesar’s body ‘thou bleeding piece of earth? Who does he call ‘butchers’?

Ans: He refers on seeing many wounds making Caesar’s body bleed resembling the earth. He calls the conspirators as “butchers”.

Que-2: When, why and how had Antony been meek and gentle with these butchers? What trait of Antony’s character do you assess by this action?

Ans:  Antony had politely greeted the conspirators, praising Brutus and pretending to make friendship for peace with them cunningly , While he was in great grief

Que-3: What does Antony prophesy on the wounds of Caesar? Who will roam about to take revenge? Does Antony’s prophecy come true? How?

Ans: Antony forecast that Caesar’s wounds call for revenge and curse the men who killed him, leading to civil war. Caesar’s spirit will roam taking revenge with the Ate (The Goddess of Revenge). Yes, this becomes true.

Que-4: Who enters after Antony soliloquy’s? What news does the person bring?

Ans: A servant of Octavius Caesar enters informing that his master lies seven leagues or 21 miles away from Rome and soon  coming to Rome.

Que-5: What does Antony tell the person to convey to the person who has sent him? What two things does Antony request from the person to do at the end of the scene?

Ans: Antony told him to go back quickly and inform Octavius that coming to Rome is dangerous for him currently.  Antony requests the servant of Octavius to help him in carrying Caesar’s body to the marketplace. He also tell to stay back and wait for Antony’s speech to get the clear and vivid response of Romans to carry message for Octavius.

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