Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-3 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-3 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama Scene wise summary is given to grasp the story easily using simple word. Therefore read the summary of carefully so that you can answer the extract question in your own word. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-10 English.

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-3 Summary ICSE Class 10 Drama

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-3 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama

Board   ICSE
Subject English
Class 10
Book Name Julius Caesar (Workbook )
Session  2024-25
Topics Summary of Act-4, Scene-3

Summary of Act-4, Scene-3 of Julius Caesar

This scene takes place in Brutus’ tent near Sardis. To know the summary in detail read the following

Brutus and Cassius Claims each other

Brutus and Cassius, (The leader of conspirator aginst julius Caesar), bigins a hot argument. Cassius claims Brutus of wrongly respond one of Cassius’s friends, Lucius Pella, for taking bribes. Brutus in turn complains Cassius of being corrupt himself, taking bribes, and selling public property for personal gain.

Dispute Between Both Leader Increases Quickly

The dispute between both leader increases quickly . Cassius feels deeply insulted and threatening him for violence if they were not longtime friends. Brutus claims that how Cassius previously rejects sending him funds for his armies. Cassius says it must have been a messenger’s mistake, as he would never rejct money for Brutus army payment. He asks why Brutus has such ill tempered thinking.

They Freshen Their Bond of Friendship

Brutus and Cassius argument is at top speed  in anger. Brutus told cassius as dis honest man .Cassius offering his heart for Brutus to stab Caesar. However, both of them soon feels how much broken their friendship due to mis understandings. forgetting these behaviour, they freshen their bond of friendship.

Brutus Tells Cassius That His Wife Portia Commited Suicide

After new friendship Brutus deliver a bad news that his wife Portia has commited suicide due to struggle and chalnges of rebel. Cassius is shocked at Brutus that he has not loosing the heart after hearing such dreadful news.

Octavius and Antony with  Army are Marching on Them

the officers which also take part in meeting Messala and Titinius,tell a report that  Octavius and Antony with a huge army are marching on them at Philippi  who have already killed the loyal of Brutus. Brutus gives a proposal of marching out to meet the enemy at Philippi while Cassius advises wait the enemy untill the come. Brutus urge Cassius,that they must use this crisis as an opportunity. Cassius agree to avoid further war.

Gost of Caesar Appear Before Brutus with Warning

As soon as meeting is over Brutus read some thing lonely, the gost of Caesar appear before him which gives a fearful warning to meet again in upcoming war. This hullucination appearing gives a pre signal of sad and sorrowful result.

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