Macbeth Act-3 Scene-3 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-3 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama Scene wise summary is given to grasp the story easily using simple word. Therefore read the summary  carefully so that you can able to answer the extract question in your own word. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12 English.

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-3 Summary ISC Class 12 Drama

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-3 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama

Board ISC
Subject English
Class 12
Book Name Macbeth (Drama)
Session  2024-25
Topics Summary of Act-3, Scene-3

Act-3 Scene-3 Summary of Macbeth

In this scene-3 of Act-3 The three murdere waiting to kill Banquo and his son at palace gate in the evening. To know the summary in detail read the following

Three Murderers Waiting Banquo for Killing

Three murderers came at evening near the king’s palace. They are awaiting Banquo and his son Fleance, as Macbeth has ordered them to kill. These murderers discuss that how Macbeth has order and instructions directly, Therefore they can rely that it is Macbeth wish for them to kill Banquo with his son.

Murderers Hears Horses Approaching

After discussion is over they waited again in the darkness , one of the murderers hears the echo of horses approaching about a mile away. They guess that it may be Banquo, as he often tied his horse at great distance and walks the rest of the way to the palace gate on foot. Now murderers prepare themselves in taking position.

They kill Banquo, but Fleance Manages to Escape

Afterthat one moment passed ,Banquo and his son Fleance about to cross the gate, Banquo has a lantern with him. As the killer approach, Banquo comments that “it will be rain tonight,” . they do not guess of the deep cloud of muder roaming around. The murderers attack at Banquo and his son suddenly. They have killed Banquo, however Fleance manages to escape in the darkness.

Murderers Leave to Inform Macbeth

After killing Banquo, the murderers celebrate their success partly, They notice that when Banquo is killed, Someone put out the torch so Fleance had escape away. This leaves the task incomplted and remain left Macbeth hoped of fully success the plan. The murderers leave to inform Macbeth of what leak, setting the stage for how Macbeth will react to the continued threat that Fleance escaping again confirming his crown got illegally

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