More Holidays in October 2022, Govt Office / School Closed

More Holidays in October 2022, Check Here total number of days on which school / Government office will be closed. it is first time in which any month in 2023 has such number of holidays. therefore check here what is the reason and how many days the school / college will be closed in October 2022.

More Holidays in October 2022

More Holidays in October 2022, Govt Office / School Closed

According to report that there are many festivals in the month of  July 2022.  First of all there are 5 Sundays in October.  Except these Sundays there are many Hindu festival occurring in this months. hence number of Holidays become more and more. Check below list of the festivals given below. lets us start now.

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Total Festivals in October 2022

There are further holidays except 5 Sundays . these NAVAMI, VIJAY DASHMI, KARWA CHAUTH, DHANTERAS , DEEPAWALI, PARIYA and BHAIYA DOOJ. The first holidays is Navami on 4th October and just after there is Holidays of Vijay Dashmi on 5th of October. After that there is also holidays for HINDU Women Festival Karwa Chauth on 13th of October. At last there is also a big Hindu festival Dhanteras on and  Deepawali including Bhaiya Duja from 22th to 26th of October. Hence

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Hence there are more than 12 days Holidays in October 2022.  Government office and school / Collage will be closed on above discussed dates.

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