Patience: Write a Composition Approx 400 Words

Patience: Write a Composition Approx 400 Words.  Writing composition questions are common in English Language exam in all educational board. CISCE also ask the same . This article tells you about such composition because in ISC Class 12 this composition question asked in Specimen Paper of 2024.

Patience Write a Composition Approx 400 Words

Patience: Write a Composition Approx 400 Words

ISC Class 12 English Language Specimen 2024

Patience is considered to be highly crucial for every individual in the world. Besides, it is also stated that the people who can wait long achieve better things than those with no patience since it is impossible to acquire success in a single day

learns about the importance of effort and hard work 

Through Patience, an individual learns about the importance of effort and hard work and not only success. It is false to believe that everything, including happiness, can be obtained only through accomplishments. It is very crucial to have the ability to wait and trust

vital part of anyone’s life

Patience is considered a vital part of anyone’s life. Since it can be a great solution to attain joy and happiness, an individual that is the patient can stay calm in any extreme or problematic situations. Thus, anyone can practice enhancing their patience level in situations that are highly troubling and frustrating

Patience  helps to make accurate decisions

One of the significant advantages of staying Patience is that it helps an individual to make accurate decisions. Besides, it is also considered a vital factor in attaining success in one’s life. Patience is quite essential across the globe. Again, Patience is supposed to help any individual in achieving their objectives in life

correction, discipline, and manners

The most crucial factors that every individual should know is correction, discipline, and manners. To learn these qualities, it is essential to acquire Patience and realize its importance. Since having the least Patience can result in making rushed decisions. Also, it is considered futile to dwell over the past occurrences along with the future.

enhance your behaviour

Patience can easily enhance your behaviour, as well. It can make the person calmer instead of being violent and irritated at all times. Besides, to maintain peace within any relationship both at home and work, it is essential to be calm rather than annoyed and angry

helps an individual to improve their level of tolerance 

Also, the advantages of Patience have been acknowledged by several individuals, including many philosophers and researchers. Many people believe that having Patience helps to bring about optimistic changes. It also allows an individual to form empathy towards other people. Thus, it helps an individual to improve their level of tolerance and accept other individuals easily

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