Public School: How Much Differ From Private School ? Shocking Report !!

Public School: How Much Differ From Private School ? There are many type of schooling not only in India but also in other part of world. Common man / parent can not differentiate among them that which one is better . Therefore we have publish this article in very simple ways.

Public School: Which Type School is better and Why

School is a place of learning. In olden days there was special kind of school called ASHRAM where student learnt by staying there till adult. But nowadays school are are different and develop many type of learning . Lord Macaulay was the father and founder of the modern/present education system.

Private School Vs Public School.

Private schools are those schools that are run by individuals / group  without any financial aid or support or help from the government sector. They are run and administered solely by the individuals under a trust.

Public School How Much Differ From Private School

Public schools receive grants from the government and may be administered partly by the government and partly by the individuals that establishes the school.

 Important Features of Private and Public Schools

Private schools on the other hand are concentrated near cities and towns and may offer education for primary level, secondary level or up to senior secondary level.

Quality of Education

The quality of education received by the children in private schools is better than the public schools. This fact has been supported by a number of surveys, researches and various competitive tests where children from both private schools and public schools participate.

Attendance of Teachers / Student

According to a surveys, in public schools teacher absenteeism is a major issue. Whereas in private schools, teachers are unlikely to remain absent during school days. Student attendance is also better in private schools compared to public schools.

Strictness of Public and Private School

School administration and management in private schools observes a very strict code. Since individuals run them, the control on the staff and faculties is very much in the hands of the administrators. In public schools, there is a lenient code as both staff members and the head of the institute are under the control of government

But Some Public School are Better than Private School

There is full prove that some public school given best formance compare to private school . Therefore to award private schools full marks in the contest ‘Private Schools Vs public schools’ would not be totally right. The example of such public school are —  KVS and  NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA. There is many example of public school student who became more successful compare to private school.


Every coin has two face therefore some features are good in each type of schooling. Public school are more cheaper than private. So parent preference is considered it is obvious that private schools are the priority for people in cities /towns whereas In small towns and countryside, public schools are the only options.

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