Parenting Tips: How To Care Teenagers Stage ?

Parenting Tips: How To Care Teenagers Stage ?  Most of the adolescent student are not serious about the health problems occurs at this stage. Parent should personally care all the activity of his/her Adolescent.

Care at Adolescent

Parent should be also beware the common health problems at adolescent stage in boys / girls. Let us discuss the main symptoms now.

Parenting Tips: Importance of Care at this Stage for Boys/Girl

Parenting Tips: Why care at Adolescents age must be needed. What are the important care taken by parent or children. As per health specialist report the children at this stage of life experience rapid physical, cognitive and psychosocial growth. It helps prevent infections and the spread of disease, illness and body odour.

Age of Adolescent

Generally, adolescence begins at the age of 11 and lasts upto 18 or 19 years of age. Puberty typically starts at 10-11 years for girls and 11-12 years for boys. It can be earlier or later depend on country temperature zone. In warmer country this stage comes earlier while in colder country this stage start few year later.

What is Adolescence ?

Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood (puberty) that has not only reproductive maturation, but emotional and social maturation as well

Changes at Adolescent

Morphological Change: children get taller, heavier and stronger. brains, skin, hair, teeth and sweatiness.  There is a sudden increase in height when one reaches puberty.

Sexual change: There are also changes in sexual organs. Children feels the attraction with opposite sex due to releasing of sex hormones. Onset of menstrual cycle (MC) also start at this stage call Menarche.

Change in Body Shape:  Boys become muscular. Their shoulders widen and the waist becomes narrow. The girls widen below the waist and narrow at the shoulders

 Voice Change:  The boys develop a deep and hoarse voice. This happens because the voice box becomes larger. The voice of the girls is usually high-pitched.

Nature Change: At this stage the nature of children become changing. they start to live lonely.  Adolescent becomes the rebels.

Care at Adolescent

A balanced diet: It is important for Adolescents must have a well-balanced diet as growth depends on dietary intake. for detail read student diet plan.

Personal level hygiene:  includes cleanliness, physical exercise, proper rest, sleep, etc. Since adolescence is the onset of puberty, many pubertal changes take place in us. Sweat glands are more active during this stage, which causes more sweating.

Express as friend: parent must be treated to their Adolescents as a friend and discuss about the changes of body as normal and regular phenomena.

Focus on Outdoor activity: all the parent are requested to care deeply on out door activity. Children become addiction of tobacco/drugs.

Handel the rebels: Due to hormonal change some children become rebels with parent. they start to take objection on any type boundation. So parent should handle this situation wisely.

Explain Bad Effect of Physical relation: Adolescents mind is not mature enough to take right decision. Therefore they may fell in love / attraction of physical relation by mis guiding his/her friend. Therefore guardians are kindly requested to explain  all point of bad effect openly by giving proper example. there is important role of grand father/mother to explain friendly.


The above fact taken from various resources such as WHO, Health Minister Department and informal news. Therefore take suggestion by any expert for detail about caring of Adolescents.

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