Student Diet Plan: Brain Boosting Healthy Food in Summer

Student Diet Plan: Brain Boosting Healthy Food in Summer is easily available nowadays. Collage / school student need proper attention on their diet specially in summer. Metabolic activity becomes change in summer as expert. Therefore we suggest diet of school / collage student preparing  for studying / memory / comitative exam.

Student Diet Plan Brain Boosting Healthy Food in Summer

Student Diet Plan: Which Diet / Food is Best for Memory Boosting ?

Student Diet Plan: student need to eat right food to fuel his body.  For a healthy college diet, eat a balance of food item rich in  proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates. Vitamins, minerals.

Why School Going student Need Balance diet

Collage going student need proper food hobbit to potentially increase memory power and smooth working of brain. There are many summer food easily available in your locality. Although there are many other factor responsible for boosting brain.

Tips/ List of Student Diet Plan for Memory

  • Eat Lesser: Student should eat in lesser amount of balance diet.. Small meals will provide a steady supply of energy to the brain.
  • Have Healthy Break: Use germinated grains as breakfast with salad of carrot,onion, radish, lemon. mint.
  • Drink More Water: In summer to avoid dehydration use more water. Coconut water, buttermilk, milky drinks, Lassi, Curd .
  •  Use Seasonal Fruit: there are variety of food in summer like watermelon, cucumber, lichi, Muskmelon etc.
  • Whole Grain: Use whole grain as it is rich of fiber which help to stay food in your body for long time., Do not sieve it ie. Oat
  • Add Green Vegetable: Add green and leafy vegetable in your food habit for mineral which is responsible for proper functioning of brain.Spinach  Greens Cabbage Broccoli May improve brain power etc.
  • Minimise Your Sugar: Minimise sweety food as more as possible.
  • Eat eggs: Eggs is the main source of proteins. If vegetarian use pulses/ Soyabean
  • Avoid market Snacks: minimize the using of market snacks to avoid fat / obesity.
  • Oily Fish: oily fish promote healthy brain function.
  • Nuts: Nuts Walnuts are a great nutrients that help with memory and brain function include sunflower seeds, that helps boost your brain health


These mention food may help to boost brain function well in order. even other factors are also responsible for maintain the brain in well working . These other factors are – regular exercise, proper sound sleep, play out door games and hormones release from our body. Keep yourself tension free is also a big factor.

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