Sample Paper History Civics ICSE Class-9 Specimen 2020

Sample Paper History and Civics ICSE Class-9 Specimen Model 2020 . Specimen  History and Civics ICSE Class-9 Sample Paper for 2020. Sample Paper for ICSE Board Class-9  History and Civics. Hence by better practice of Sample Paper ICSE  History and Civics 2020 is very helpful for ICSE student appearing in 2020 exam of council.

sample paper ICSE Class-9

Sample Paper History and Civics ICSE Class-9 Specimen Model 2020


H.C.G. – Paper – 1
(Two Hours)

Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.

Attempt all questions from Part I (Compulsory). A total of five questions are to be
attempted from Part II, two out of three questions from Section A and
three out of five questions from Section B.
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

PART I (30 Marks)

Sample Paper History & Civics ICSE Class-9 Specimen for 2020

Attempt all questions from this Part

Question 1

(a) Name the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution. [1]
(b) When did the Constitution of India come into force? [1]
(c) Name the Fundamental Right that prohibits ‘forced labour’. [1]
(d) What is meant by the term ‘Single Citizenship’? [1]
(e) State the meaning of the term ‘Directive Principles of State Policy’. [1]
(f) Mention any one point of difference between ‘Direct’ and ‘Indirect’ elections. [1]
(g) What is the term of office of the Chief Election Commissioner? [1]
(h) Mention any one Fundamental Duty as given in the Indian Constitution. [1]
(i) Mention any one function of the Zila Parishad. [1]
(j) Name the elected head of a Municipal Corporation. [1]

Question 2

(a) State any two ways in which the script of the Indus Valley Civilization provides us with valuable historical information. [2]
(b) Name the Epics written during the Later Vedic period. [2]
(c) Who were the founders of Jainism and Buddhism? [2]
(d) List any two sources of information about the Mauryan Empire. [2]
(e) What are Megaliths? [2]
(f) Mention any two works of Kalidasa. [2]
(g) State any two architectural features of Qutub Minar. [2]
(h) Mention any two reasons to state that the decline of Feudalism led to the rise of the Renaissance.[2]
(i) What was known as the Letter of Indulgences? [2]
(j) Define the term Industrial Revolution. [2]

PART II (50 Marks)

Specimen Sample Model Paper History & Civics for ICSE Class-9


Attempt any two questions from this Section

Question 3

With reference to the salient features of the Indian Constitution answer the following

(a) Define the term ‘Constitution’. State any two reasons for its significance. [3]
(b) State any three freedoms given under the ‘Right to Freedom’. [3]
(c) Mention any two differences between the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy. [4]

Question 4

Elections play a very significant role in our Indian Democracy.
In the light of this statement, answer the following questions:
(a) State the composition of the Election Commission. [3]
(b) Under what circumstances can a ‘By-election’ be held [3]
(c) Explain the terms ‘General Election’ and ‘Mid- term Election’. [4]

Question 5

Local self-government in India is essential for building democracy from the grassroots.
In this context, answer the following questions:
(a) State the three- tier system of the Panchayati Raj system. [3]
(b) Give any three functions of a Municipal Committee. [3]
(c) State any two functions of the following:
(i) Gram Panchayat
(ii) Panchayat Samiti. [4]


Attempt any three questions from this Section

Question 6

With reference to the Bhakti Movement, Sufism and Christianity, answer the following questions:
(a) Mention the teachings of Kabir as mentioned in the Bijak. [3]
(b) State the significance of Sufism on Indian Society. [3]
(c) State any two contributions of St. Francis Xavier in the advancement of Christianity in India. [4]

Question 7

(a) State any three social changes that came about in the Later Vedic Period in relation to the Position of Women. [3]
(b) State any three occupations that existed during the Vedic Age. [3]
(c) Mention any two similarities in the teachings of Jainism and Buddhism. [4]

Question 8

Study the Picture given below and answer the following questions:
(a) Identify the structure given in the picture.

Sample Paper History & Civics Qustion 8a
Name the place and the state where it is located. [3]
(b) Name the dynasty and the king who built it. In which century was it built? [3]
(c) Mention any two architectural features of the structure [4]

Question 9

With reference to the Modern Age in Europe, answer the following questions:
(a) How did the invention of the Printing Press lead to the rise of the Renaissance in Europe? [3]
(b) State any three contributions of Martin Luther in reforming the Church in Europe. [3]
(c) Mention any two differences between ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Socialism’. [4]

Question 10

With reference to the impact of the Renaissance in the field of Literature, Art and Science, State the contributions of:
(a) Leonardo da Vinci in the field of Art. [3]
(b) William Shakespeare in the field of Literature. [3]
(c) Copernicus in the field of Astronomy. [4]

Other Subject Specimen Paper ICSE Class- 9

  • English Language (English Paper – 1)
  • Literature in English (English Paper – 2)
  • Chemistry (Science Paper-2)
  • Biology (Science Paper-3)
  • Economics
  • Commercial Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Applications
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • History & Civics (H.C.G. – Paper – 1) – Currently open 
  • Geography (H.C.G. – Paper – 2)
  • Physics (Science Paper-1)
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Technical Drawing Applications
  • Home Science (Revised)

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