Strange Meeting: Line by Line Stanza Wise Explanation ISC Rhapsody Solutions

Strange Meeting: Line by Line Explanation ISC Rhapsody A collection of ISC Poem Solutions. Stanza wise Explanations of Strange Meeting ISC Poem Class 11.  Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-11 English. Very easy explanation of Ch-5 Strange Meeting composed by Wilfred Owen.

Strange Meeting Line by Line Stanza Wise Explanation ISC Rhapsody Solutions


Strange Meeting: Line by Line Stanza Wise Explanation ISC Rhapsody Solutions

Board ISC
Publications Evergreen Publications
Subject English
Class 11
Book Name  Rhapsody (A collection of ISC Poem )
Chapter-5 Strange Meeting — Wilfred Owen
Topics Line by Line Explanation

 Line by Line / Stanza Wise Explanation 

Strange Meeting: ISC Rhapsody A collection of ISC Poem Solutions- — Wilfred Owen

It seemed . ..  …    battle I escaped

Explanation:  speaker, ( a soldier), talks about getting away from the horrors of a battlefield. The word “escaped” makes you think of a desperate fight to get away from the terrible reality of war

Down some profound . ….. . had groined.

Explanation: In the second line speaker goes into a tunnel, which is a symbol for a place between life and death or a way out of the harsh reality of war. The tunnel is said to be deep and dull, which gives it a sad and gloomy feeling

Yet also  …  ….  .. be bestirred.

Explanation: Here speaker meets may be other soldiers who have died in battle. Their groans show that they were still in pain even after they died, which shows how traumatic war is. Their fast sleep in thought or death shows that they can’t respond or act, which may be a sign of how war makes people feel numb.

Then, as ..  …   ….   to bless

Explanation: One soldiers gets up and shows signs of life. The “piteous recognition” in his eyes shows that he identified the first as a  soldier and understands that they have both been through pain. His raised hands could mean that he was trying in vain to bless or forgive the speaker, which would show the irony and tragedy of war.

And by his . …… ..  stood in Hell.

Explanation: The soldier’s “dead” smile shows that he knows he is going to die. in“deadly hall” which was the feeling of hell.

With a thousand …  ….   … made moan.

Explanation: Even though there are not any signs of war on the soldier’s face (like blood, guns, or moaning), his face shows a thousand fears. This shows that war not only hurt people physically; but also leaves deep psychological scars.

“Strange friend,” ………  hunting wild

Explanation: One of them calls the dead soldier a “strange friend” to emphasise that they had similar experiences and a strange bond that was made when they both faced death. The soldier says that he doesn’t feel sad about his death, but about the years he didn’t get to live and the feeling of hopelessness he has. This shows how war causes everyone to lose their potential and lose hope

After the wildest  …..   …  …  richlier than here

Explanation: Here dead soldier thinks about how war cut short his search for beauty in life. The beauty he was looking for wasn’t in how he looked, but in the fleeting moments of life. He had lost that beauty

For by my  …… ……  pity war distilled.

Explanation: This stanza describe that  soldier thinks about the happiness and sadness he’s lost with his death. He talks about the “truth untold,” which is the real meaning and sadness of war that is often hidden.

Now men will  …… ……  trek from progress.

Explanation: How angry and disappointed the soldier is with war. They also say that people will keep going to war, whether they are happy with what it has destroyed or not. The word “tigress” means that war is like a predator, and the phrase “nations trek from progress” means that war is a step backward for civilization

Courage was mine, …… …….  not walled.

Explanation: soldier thinks back on his bravery and wisdom, which are now useless as he is dead. His use of the phrase “vain citadels that are not walled” may be a reference to useless defences and the false sense of safety that comes with war, showing the ultimate pointlessness and deception of war

Then, when   …… …….  deep for taint.

Explanation: One soldier says that he wants to wash away the effects of war and find the pure truths that are buried deep beneath the dead bodies. This could be seen as a longing for purity and truth, which is different from the lies and destruction of war.

I would have   …… ……  wounds were.

Explanation: wounds he got in war took away his spirit instead of putting it to good use. The phrase “Men’s foreheads have bled where there were no wounds” vividly describes the psychological damage caused by war, which is just as deep and hurtful as any physical injury.

“I am the ….. ……. sleep now ……”

Explanation: Second soldier said that I was enemy which you have killed yesterday in dark night although I have try to stop but my hand became cold. we should sleep now.

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