Summer Vacation 2023 Over: School Reopen on 17th June

Summer Vacation 2023 Over: there is still heat waves are blowing at full speed and heat is not taking the name of reducing its intensity . At this time small children are facing difficulty to go out because the heat stroke starts at 8:00 in the morning and there is no drop in the temperature till 5:00 pm. During such rare and tough condition there is a shocking news appear for reopening the school 2023.

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Summer Vacation 2023 Over: Board giving Heart  shocking News!!

Summer Vacation 2023 Over: There is unbelievable news by a certain educational board that summer holidays 2023 is about to over and school will be reopen as previous calendrer list of holidays. this school board giving no relief for student in following state. Parents are also not happy with decision of school reopening 2023 so soon. Let us start next main point.

Summer Vacation 2023 Over School Reopen on 17th June


KVS School Summer Vacation 2023 Over

As per report the KVS school affiliated with CBSE released the issue to open the school  by overing the summer vacation while the Heat wave are becoming more and more dangerous day by day.

School Reopen from 16th June 2023 in UP

According to press released the list of holidays for KVS was as previous fix schedule and there need no extension/ modification on given academic calendrer. Most of the school in Uttar Pradesh will be open from 17th of June as pre-plan.

There is no possibilities to modify the academic calendrer holidays list 2023-24 session.

Parishadiya school (Primary/Junior) from 27th June 2023 in UP

The government aided school of Primary and junior high school in uttar pradesh will be open from 27th of June, “said circular released”. although it was plan to open from 16th of June 2023 but due to weather report released by The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) , state government increased the holidays of summer 2023 for 10 more days to giving relief of student.

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ICSE / ISC and CBSE / State Board School Reopen Date 2023 in UP

The ICSE / ISC and CBSE / State Board School Reopen Date 2023 in uttar pradesh is mostly from July 2023.  They have declare a long summer holiday / vacation in UP for reopen school from 4th of july 2023. Although summer vacation ended on 30th of June 2023. But there is Saturday on 1st July and sunday on 2nd july while A festival “Guru Purnima” on 3rd july Therefore school of ICSE / ISC / CBSE and State Board will be reopen from 4th of july 2023.

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