Upcoming Cyclone 2023: Powerful Storm Hitting Today , Alert Warning Declared

Upcoming Cyclone 2023: World’s most Powerful Storm Biparjoy is soon coming in Indian coastal regions. And it has changed its course. It originated from the Arabian Sea and is the second strongest storm.

Upcoming Cyclone 2023 Powerful Storm Hitting Today

It is already known as an extremely severe cyclonic storm. According to estimates, it was 540 km away from Mumbai by June 11 evening.

Upcoming Cyclone 2023: Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has released the report

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has released the report on June 12 and has predicted rain in Thane, Raigad, Mumbai and Palghar. There is a possibility of strong winds of 45-55 kmph.

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When and Where to be Hitting the Upcoming Cyclone of India

As per latest report from IMD, There was  rainfall at evening of June 11, Mumbai and many part of Maharashtra received rainfall. On the morning of June 12 also,while  the wind speed was higher in Mumbai.

Storm / Cyclone has Risen from the Arabian Sea-IMD Reported

According to latest news from IMD. Cyclone Biporjoy was earlier supposed to head towards Pakistan, but now it has turned east. This storm has risen from the Arabian Sea and is now expected to come between Gujarat and Pakistan. It is also likely to collide / hitting on the India-Pakistan border by June 15.

Expected Hitting Date / Place in India

Report said that the storm will change its course and move towards north-east. By the afternoon of June 15, it will hit between Mandvi, Gujarat and Karachi, Pakistan. Storms often originate from the Arabian Sea and usually do not move towards the Indian coast.

Hitting Speed of Cyclone/ Storm

About 75 percent of these storms move north or northwest, where they hit the coasts of Pakistan, Iran or Oman. However, they do not need to hit some shores and remain in the sea. When it hits the coast, its speed will be 125-135 kmph. Due to this, the wind speed will be 150 kilometers per hour

Effect of Upcoming Cyclone/ Storm- Heavy Rainfall

In course of hitting there is expectation of  heavy damage . The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a warning for heavy rain in Gujarat. The IMD said that till June 15, the intensity of the rains would be between heavy to very heavy. Heavy rain is expected in some areas of Kutch, Dwarka and Jamnagar.

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