Summer Vacation Extended: 15 Day More Holidays

Summer Vacation Extended: 15 Day More Holidays. Effort of Parent Successful in many state where no extension  declared while other state have declared the extension on summer holidays due to killer heat. Children and parent of these state are worried about the sending their ward to school in such temperature.

Summer Vacation Extended: Again Declared Holidays for 15 Days

Summer Vacation Extended: The month of June has ended for 15 days, but the heat is not taking the name of going away, it has also been said by the Meteorological Department that for a few more days the heat will intensify in all the states,

Summer Vacation Extended 15 Day More Holidays annonced

at present, schools and colleges are closed in many states like Madhya Pradesh, Patna and other cities, and where they are going or can be built by June 28. It is being told that there will be a change in monsoon after June 28.

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Chhattisgarh government on Wednesday decided to extend the summer vacation of schools till June 25 due to scorching heat. Many schools had already resumed, while some were scheduled to reopen from June 16.

Uttar Pradesh Already Summer Vacation Extended for 10 Days

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also given instructions to the officials to extend the summer vacation in all the Amrit schools in Uttar Pradesh till June 26. And in Uttar Pradesh also the school was first opened on 15th June.


The maximum temperature in India’s capital Delhi has also reached above 45 degrees. And the government has said. That if this kind of temperature will remain. So students from class I to VIII may face a lot of difficulties in going to school.
However, summer vacation in all schools in Delhi was till June 21. But soon the notice will be issued by the government.

Bihar and Jharkhand

In Bihar and Jharkhand are also experiencing scorching heat. The Bihar and Jharkhand government may also be likely to extend the date of summer vacation because the government says that if the temperature remains like this, then all the schools and colleges will be closed till June 26 and soon the notice will be issued by the government. will be done and it is expected to extend the summer vacation.

No Summer Vacation Extended in KV School

KV School in Uttar Pradesh  did not given any relief to children. Therefore the school of KV (CBSE Board) will be open from 17th of June 2023 as per schedule although the heat wave are flowing at top gear not only in Up but also in other part of country.

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