Monsoon 2023 Date: When Monsoon Arrive in These State ?

Monsoon 2023 Date: When Monsoon Arrive in These State ?. There is strong heat wave  blowing in NCR of India. The school are already in sht down mode due to rise in day temperature  up to 46 degree Celsius. People are eagerly waiting for 2023 Monsoon which can bring down the temperature. What is the latest update of  IMD forecast / prediction.

Monsoon 2023 Date: Latest News / Update of IMD forecast / Prediction

Monsoon Forecast 2023: IMD has started the Virtual Press Conference on “Long Range Forecast Southwest Monsoon 2023 and Monthly Rainfall and Temperature Forecast. There is latest news / update on monsoon/ rainfall starting date in different part of India as press released Circular by IMD. Let us start it by state wise.

When Monsoon / Rainfall arrive in Bihar / UP / Rajasthan

As per report, The expected date of 2023 monsoon / rainfall  is reported delay than normal because  Monsoon moving towards Bihar-UP Rajasthan via the Bay of Bengal is currently in a weak condition in the coastal areas of Kerala and Andhra.

Monsoon 2023 Date When Monsoon Arrive in These State

Meteorologist said  that the easterly wind should have been blowing,but the active cyclone ‘Biparjoy’ in the Arabian Sea is also drawing moisture. Because of this, the heat wave is still in damaging mood.

If weather conditions are favourable, Haryana will experience monsoon by the end of June or the first week of July. The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of monsoon reaching Haryana on June 30 while in Punjab / Chandigarh the IMD Report telling a normal rainfall about 15th 20th of june .

 Expected Date of Arrival in NCR

It was expected that the monsoon could set in between June 18 and 20, but it is now believed that this time the Monsoon Express may get delayed by 10 to 15 days while reaching Banaras in the Purvanchal border. There is a possibility of monsoon showers in this area only after July 3.

Weather Latest Report/ Update  2023 on Monsoon

  • Monsoon running from the Bay of Bengal weakened in the coastal areas of Kerala and Andhra
  • Biparjoy, an active cyclone in the Arabian Sea, is also pulling moisture from the atmosphere.
  • It is feared that the paddy seedlings will be scattered, there was no pre-monsoon rain either.

Monsoon Update / Forecast 2023 in Southern Part of India

According to latest report the monsoon in Kerala, Maharashtra / Tamil Nadu / Odisha would be arriving by 15th June.  But considering the current rate of monsoon’s progress, it is sure to get even more delayed this year. I​n fact, t​his slow advancement may get further exacerbated by the likely formation of a low-pressure area in the Arabian Sea next week, which will have a definite impact on monsoon’s subsequent progress over the rest of the country

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the southwest monsoon usually sets in around June 12 in Odisha. “There could be some delay in the onset of monsoon in Odisha and it is expected to arrive in the state by June 15 or later.


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