The Flower Class-6th Goyal Brothers Prakashan Biology Solutions

The Flower Class-6th Goyal Brothers ICSE Biology Solutions Chapter-2 The Flower. We Provide Step by Step Answers of Objectives,  Fill in the blanks , Definitions , Match the followings and Short/Long Question Type answers of Chapter-2, unit-1 The Flower. Visit official Website  CISCE  for detail information about ICSE Board Class-6.

The Leaf ICSE Class-6th Goyal Brothers

Biology Solutions Chapter-1

Board ICSE
Class 6th
Subject Biology
Book Name Goyal Brothers
Chapter-2 The Flower
Unit-1 The Flower
Topic Solution of exercise questions
Session 2023-24

The Flower ICSE Class-6th Goyal Brothers

I. Multiple Choice Questions. Tick(√ ) the correct choice.

1. The carpel consists of

(a) Anthers and filaments

(b) Style, Stigma and Ovary

(c) Ovary, anther and female gamete

(d) Ovary, stigma and anther

Ans: (b) Style, Stigma and Ovary

2. Pollen grains are produced in

(a) Flower

(b) Ovaries

(c) Anther

(d) Fruits

Ans: (c) Anther

3. Calyx consists of

(a) Stamens

(b) Petals

(c) Sepals

(d) Gynoecium

Ans: (c) Sepals

4. Flowers having both male and female reproductive parts are called

(a) Bisexual

(b) Complete

(c) Unisexual

(d) Incomplete

Ans: (a) Bisexual

II. Fill In The Blanks :

  1. The four whorls of a flower are  _Calyx_ , _corolla_ , _Stamen_ and _pistil_.
  2. Pollen grains are produced in _anther_.
  3. The ovary contains _ovules_.

III. Answer the following questions :

Question 1 :- Why is flower important to a plant? Give its functions.

Answer: Flowers are the reproductive structures in plants and lead to formation of fruit and seed after fertilization.


  • Role in reproduction and multiplication
  • Ornamental value
  • Source of food (nectar)

Question 2 :- Name the different parts of a flower from outside to the centre.

Answer: The different parts of a flower from outside to the centre are sepal, petals and androceium.

Question 3 :- Name the parts of a pistil.

Answer: The parts of a pistil are stigma, style and ovary.

Question 4 :- Name the parts of a Stamen.

Answer: Anther and Filament are the parts of the stem.

Question 5 :- Draw the structure of a flower


The Flower Class-6th Goyal Brothers Prakashan Biology Solutions

Question 6 :- Define the following terms and also give two examples in each case.

  • Complete Flower
  • Bisexual flower
  • incomplete flower
  • unisexual flower


  • Complete Flower: A flower consisting of all the four whorls – Calyx, Corolla, Stamens and carpel is called a complete flower. Example: China-rose and Pea.
  • Bisexual flower: Some plants have both male(stamens) and female(carpels) reproductive parts in the same flower. Such flowers are called bisexual flower. Example: Lily and Pea.
  • incomplete flower: In some flowers, one or more whorls may be missing. Such flowers are called incomplete flower. Example: Date palm and Mulberry.
  • unisexual flower: Flowers containing either male reproductive parts (stamen) or female reproductive parts (pistil) are called unisexual flowers. Example: Cucumber and Guards.

IV. Find the odd-one  out. Give reason in support of your answer:

1. Style, Ovary, Filament, Stigma

Filament, Reasons: Others are the parts of carpel

2. Root, Petals, Sepals, Ovary

Root,  Reasons: Other are the parts of a flower

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