Abiotic Components Class-8th Goyal Brothers ICSE Biology Solutions Ch-3

Abiotic Components Class-8th Goyal Brothers ICSE Biology Solutions Chapter-3 .We Provide Step by Step Answer of Objective,  Fill in the blanks , Short/Long Answer Type of Chapter-3, Unit 3, Abiotic Components. Visit official Website  CISCE  for detail information about ICSE Board Class-8.

Abiotic Components ICSE Class-8th Goyal Brothers

Biology Solutions Chapter-3,Unit-3

Board ICSE
Class 8th
Subject Biology
Book Name Goyal Brothers
Chapter-3 Ecosystem
Unit-3 Abiotic Components
Topic Solution of exercise questions
Session 2023-24

 Ch-3 Unit -3 Abiotic Components

ICSE Class-8th Goyal Brothers

I)Multiple Choice Questions:

Put a tick mark (✓) against the correct alternative in the following statements:

1)Increase in concentration of _______gas has led to global warming.

a) Ozone

b) Sulphur Dioxide

c) Nitrogen

d) Carbon Dioxide

Ans: (d) Carbon Dioxide

2)Which of the following belong to the abiotic components of environment?

a) Air, Water, Light


c)Plants and animals

d)Plants, animals, and microorganisms

Ans: (a)Air, Water and Light.

II) Which of the following statements are true (T)and which ones are False(F) ? Mark T or F?

1)Green plants respire by taking in both carbon dioxide and oxygen.[ F ]

2)The Ultimate source of energy for all organisms is the Green Plants. [ F ]

3) The interaction of living organisms with the non-living environment constitutes the ecosystem.[ T ]

III) Define the following terms :

1) Humidity : It is an important abiotic factor, it indicates the amount of water vapor in the air. It directly regulates the rate at which water evaporates from the body surface of the land organisms by transpiration, perspiration and other means. Different plants and animals show various adaptation to withstand dry condition.

2) Humus : Humus is a substance formed by dead leaves and plants, that we put into the ground to help plants grow. Humus is partially decayed organic matter. The uppermost layer of the soil is rich in humus.

3)Atmosphere : The space around us is filled with air and dust particles. This envelop of air surrounding the earth’s unit surface area is called the atmosphere. It acts as a protective blanket for the Earth. It absorbs most of the harmful radiations such as UV rays of the sun.

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