CISCE Criteria Top 5 Marks for Calculate Percentage Changed.

CISCE Criteria Top 5 Marks for Calculate Percentage Changed. You often hear that not only in ICSE but also in ISC student discuss the method of calculating percentage. Most common and confidental method is TOP 5 Marks in ICSE while TOP 4 Marks in ISC,  Now there is a big update on this matter.

CISCE Criteria Top 5 Marks for Calculate Percentage Changed.

There are a total of 10 subjects in ICSE but the council will consider them as 6 subjects inorder to maintain uniformity with other boards (eg: CBSE, state boards). The old criteria to calculate percentage was top 5 in ICSE while top 4 in ISC till now. But it may change now. Get here latest update.

CISCE Criteria Top 5 Marks for Calculate Percentage Changed


While calculating your percentage you have to choose only 5 subjects in which you scored the best and exclude the subject in which you scored the least marks relatively. English is a compulsory subject , so you are bound to include that in your best 5 subjects even if you scored the least marks in it.

You might be shocked to know that physics, chemistry and biology have the least weightage in percentage.

 You should first tell you that you all are studying only 6 subjects and they are —

  1. Mathematics
  2. Computer/ P.ed. ( Optinal subject )
  3. Hindi ( Regional language)
  4. Science ( Physics + Chemistry + Biology)
  5. English ( Language + Literature)
  6. Social Science ( History/ Civics + Geography )

six subjects have 100 marks overall

So all these six subjects have 100 marks overall out of which you will give 80 marks examination and 20 marks will be given by the school based on internal assessment and projects ( except for computer in which examination will be of 100 marks ).

In science, your physics, chemistry and biology marks are added up and then divided by 3 to get science marks. Same is done in social science and english and in these both subjects and added and divided by 2.Then the best five subjects are selected, which means that the subject with the least marks is not taken into consideration. Then the marks of best five subjects are added and then divided by 500 and then multiplied by 100

Expert Tells A Bit Defferent on Top 5

For calculation of best of 5 marks in ICSE English marks has to be considered as one of them among top 5.

Best of 5 marks = English + best 4 subjects.

Detail Analysis for Calculating Percentage in ICSE

Hey, first of all I want to inform you that 10 subjects which you have are condensed into 6 main heads.

  • English language and English litreture both are regarded as only English(The marks you will get in boards will be the average of these two subjects)
  • Biology, Chemistry and physics will be regarded as Science
  • History and Geography will be regarded as one subject .

  Other Main Subjects

  • Computer/ Commerce(6th subject) ,
  • Hindi/Regional(second language)
  •  maths.

In total 6 subjects. Now while calculating the percentage, you have to always consider the English marks (as its compulsory) and rest four subjects (in which you have scored well). This is known as the best five system.

Suppose you are taking science stream after class 10, then the school authorities will check whether you are eligible or not and will calculate the percentage of science, computer or maths (the subjects you are choosing).

And as per my knowledge, the coaching centres will ask the individual marks in the subject concerning them.


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  1. ???? This method was already there. Pls don’t spread something absurd like “ICSE marks calculating method changed”. The method you described above was already there. SO no method changes.


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