CISCE Preboard 2023: These Mistakes May Be Serious

CISCE Preboard 2023: These Mistakes May Be Serious for your performance and result of board exam. Avoid these error in your preboard exam at any case. Student often behave it  lightly and lost a lot. Therefore do not make this type mistakes at any rate. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE / ISC Board exam.

CISCE Preboard 2023: These Mistakes May Be Serious for Board

According to report student take the preboard exam very lightly due to certain reason. Hence the performance of your board exam preparation and result is also effected in a great deal.

Therefore never make such type mistakes in your preboard exam. let us start the discussion.

How Much Preboard Compulsory..?

  • According to latest report through various reliable sources that preboard exam has its own value.  Each school / collage conduct it on full syllabus. This is important in many factor.
  • You can check your progress after marking of preboard exam.
  • School maintain a record of your progress.
  • If Board exam not conducted due to certain reason then final mark can be awarded  on performance. of these exam
  • In case of any dispute such that absent in board exam due to medical / Tragedy
  • You can improve your weaker point again.
  • Mistakes can be identified easily.

 Do Not Make Such Mistakes in Preboard Exam

Keywords in CISCE

Keywords in CISCE: In ICSE and ISC board keywords should be mix in your answer. If you don’t know what is keywords visit Keywords for CISCE exam.

All Necessary Steps

All Necessary Steps: During solution of numerical type questions such as Maths, Physics , Chemistry, Commerce, account etc. The council clear mention this fact in his question paper that “Loss in step will be loss in marking

Mention the formula / rule / theorem

Mention the formula / rule / theorem: If You apply any type formula / rule / theorem then clear mention this formula. Do not put direct value without mention the formula / rule / theorem.

Unit in Numericals

Unit in Numericals: Mostly student often forget to write the suitable unit in their final answer. Proper attention must be taken at this point.

Labelled Figure

Labelled Figure: During solution of some subject such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry try to include labelled figure to enhance the answer whether it is ask or not.

Include heading / sub heading

Include heading / sub heading: Try to answer topic wise by given suitable heading / sub heading in descriptive type question. It forced to examiner / checker for awarding full marks.

Use deep ink in heading : Your heading should be a few thicker than  other part of answer.

Avoid overwriting: The CISCE not like any type type of overwriting . It should be strictly avoid.

Clear Writing: This is the most important point that your writing must be clear readable. The checker has a bundle of answer booklet and have great pressure to check a lot in one day. Poor writing may be non-readable causing loss in marking.

Answer to the point: In CISCE exam your answer should be to the point . Do not extend your answer.

Avoid Grammatical error

Avoid Grammatical error: In descriptive type exam try to minimize grammatical error. Grammatical Error may change the meaning of sentence.

Show all rough work:  All the rough work should be done in same answer page as a part of solution specially in numerical.

More Precaution for Better Response

Break the Sequence if needed: Try to solve those question which are easy for you and then try to solve question which are tough for you. At last try to solve those question which answer may be doubtful.

Distribute your timing: During exam you should take firm decision at reading time given of question paper that in which section / question how much time may be enough so that all answer should be attempted.

Bullet and numbers: use bullet and numbers to distribute the topics and enhance in fast understandable reading of checker.

Therefore you should maintain above discussed precaution during your CISCE Preboard exam of 2023. These mistakes become turning point of your board exam.

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