Exam Pattern 2024 Changed: Now All Board include HOT Questions

Exam Pattern 2024 Changed: Now All Board include HOT Questions for estimation of student capability. There is always changing in this world. Nature also follow the law of change.  When we compare the modern teaching with ancient teaching we found tremendous changed.  Let us start how and what changed in board exam pattern of upcoming 2024 exam.

Exam Pattern 2024 Changed: New Pattern may be Tougher than Previous

Exam Pattern 2024 Changed: According to latest news published on print media , e media the main educational board of india decided to change the pattern of upcoming exam in new one. The current pattern was running since last decade. Due to change of competitive exam question format, the board also decided to  change the pattern of exam.

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 More Critical and Analytical questions- report

As per report the CBSE board have already adopted few HOT questions in board paper but this year board may include more questions of this type for true and right evaluation of student capability while CISCE board also announced a some days ago to include more analytical and critical question in board exam.

Will 2024 Board Exam be Tougher than 2023

Expert given some clues and hint about hje standard and question level of upcoming board exam 2024.  Most of them told that 2024 board exam may feel tougher to such student who has not prepare the concept of chapters.

Report said that application based questions / skill based questions with figure based experimental questions would be added in upcoming exam.

 Clear Hint in Specimen Paper 2024

Although CBSE has not publish the specimen paper of 2024 board exam but CISCE have publish the Specimen Paper 2024 for board exam just now. We will soon publish an article after deeply analysis it.

 Why Board have Taken Such Decision

Expert told the reason  If students only rote-learn, their knowledge does not increase,  At the end of the day, we have to use our analytical skills to be able to understand what’s happening around us. These are open-ended questions and children will have to apply their mind and use analytical skills to answer them.

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