Flipkart Big Diwali Sale 2023: Hurry up offer is limited

Flipkart Big Diwali Sale 2023: Hurry up offer is limited As you all know that Flipkart keeps bringing bumper discounts for you every year on the occasion of Diwali, so this year also this discount has come, from where you can make big savings by shopping, however, like Flipkart. It is common for online retailers to run special sales during festive seasons like Diwali. These sales often offer discounts on a wide range of products including electronics, clothing, home appliances, and more. If there is a sale going on, it is a good opportunity to purchase the items you have been planning to buy.

Flipkart Big Diwali Sale 2023: Hurry up offer is limited

Flipkart Big Diwali Sale 2023: Hurry up offer is limited

This time on the occasion of the festival, Flipkart’s Big Diwali Sale is making headlines with an incredible offer on Apple’s iPhone 14. This limited time promotion invites customers to purchase the iPhone 14, which has an original price of Rs 69,900. Under the huge discount of the Big Diwali Sale, the iPhone 14 can be purchased for just Rs 12,499.

To avail of this amazing offer, both card offers and exchange deals have been included to ensure that buyers can avail this golden opportunity:

SBI Credit Card Offer for iPhone 14 :

Flipkart is offering an additional discount of 10 – 15% for SBI credit card holders. After applying this card offer you will get a big discount on iPhone 14.

Flipkart iPhone exchange offer :

There is a wonderful gift for those who have iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro max or these series phones. Under the exchange offer, the effective price of iPhone 14 may come down to Rs 12,249 to Rs 15,449. These discounts are offering customers the opportunity to purchase a premium iPhone at a fraction of the original cost. For many, this is a rare opportunity to purchase a high-end smartphone from a trusted brand at a very competitive price.

Flipkart’s Big Diwali Sale is for those people who keep changing their old iPhone to new iPhone, such people get their phones scanned as soon as the new phone arrives and start buying that new phone. This special offer from Flipkart is a bargain for those looking for cutting-edge technology at an unbeatable price. This provides a great opportunity for iPhone enthusiasts who are addicted to using iPhone as they can buy iPhone 14 for as low as Rs 12,449.

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