How to Increase Hight: Tips to Grow Taller at This Age

How to Increase Hight: Tips to Grow Taller at following age. Nowadays due to modern lifestyle the fooding habit has been change. Therefore a lot of problems occurs .

How to Increase Hight Tips to Grow Taller at This Age for boys girls

Lesser growth is one of them among teen agers. So we are publishing this article which may be helpful not only teenagers boys / Girls but also after puberty.

How to Increase Hight: Tips to Grow Taller at Teenage / Puberty

How to Increase Hight: As per latest  research Most teens can expect to grow a total of about 7 to 10 inches during puberty before they reach their full adult height. Experts tells that there are several factors responsible for proper growth of body .

According to research most of the factors can be curable while the genetic / DNA factors are not curable.  We are discussing here only curable factors only . follow these imp tips to grow faster at teen age / puberty.

Which factors is Responsible for Growth at teen Age

The pituitary gland is a structure found in our brain that produces different types of specialised hormones, including growth hormone (also referred to as human growth hormone or HGH) is responsible for faster growth of body at Teen age / puberty.

Normal Hight form Childhood to adulthood

Age in years Male height (50th percentile) Female height (50th percentile)
2 2.8 ft (86.5 cm) 2.8 ft (84.9 cm)
5 3.6 ft (109.2 cm) 3.5 ft (107.9 cm)
10 4.5 ft (138.8 cm) 4.5 ft (138.2 cm)
15 5.6 ft (170.1 cm) 5.3 ft (161.9 cm)
20 5.8 ft (176.8 cm) 5.3 ft (163.3 cm)

Tips to Grow Taller at Teenage / Puberty for Boys / Girls

there are certain things that you can do throughout adolescence to ensure that you’re maximizing your potential for growth. You should continue these as an adult to promote overall well-being and retain your height.

Eat a Balanced Diet-

During your growing years, it’s crucial that you get all of the nutrients your body needs. Visit our page fooding Tips for Teenager to get detail.

Student Diet Plan Brain Boosting Healthy Food in Summer

 Sleep Well

The survey report said that at rest there is more chance of secretion of growth hormones in your body.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise has many benefits. It strengthens your muscles and bones, helps you maintain a moderate weight, and promotes HGH production.

Use Calcium and Phosphorus Nutrine

The calcium phosphorus are the important minerals which may potentially increase your height . Good sources of these nutrients’ are milk,  green/ Leafy vegetable, fish, eggs and Nuts.

Do Massages And Yoga

Spend half an hour gently massaging your body with warm olive oil before you sleep . Practicing yoga or an abdominal massage may also stimulate the growth hormone . Not only does this help relieve the pain in your feet but it also improves blood circulation and stimulates the release of growth hormones


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