How to Study During Summer Vacation, Change Schedule

How to Study During Summer Vacation. How can I Utilize my summer holidays. How to manage fun and study in summer vacation. If you have also these type question then this article is for you.

How to Study During Summer Vacation

How to manage your summer vacation and utilise the time to achieve the goal. Now the summer vacation has been started in many school. follow the following guideline as much as possible.

Schedule Study Time

First of all revise the schedule as school are closed.  Therefore you should revise your study plan of vacation. If you have planned in better way then you can utilise yourself in more effective way.

Prepare Main subject Self Written Notes

In summer you have enough time rather than normal. Hence you should prepare your main subject notes. these notes must be self written. Do not use more than one subject in single notebook .Use different notebook for each subject.

How to Study During Summer Vacation for effective study

The deadline of important subject notebook should be same as deadline of summer vacation.  All the chapter of important subject must finish by the end of summer vacation.

Take Break Regularly Instead of Long Study

It is bad hobbit to study 5 to 6 hours continuously. You shod take proper break during your study. Walk for a while and after some time again start your study. This method keep you in harmony and balance.

Never Study on Your Bed

You should never study on your bed or in sleeping mode. You must use your chair and table for study better.  The temperature of your study room neither too hot nor too cool. Minimize any type sound pollution around you.

Do Not Study Orally

Never study orally. This type study is not fit for long term memory. Study by preparing self notes subject wise. Include all the figure, chart, heading subheading in your notes. Psychologist say that a written notes keep you long term memory into your brain rather than study orally.

 Keep fun Time

Study without fun can harm your harmony. Therefore you should have also plan fun time daily to keep your self healthy. A fun keeps someone refresh and energetics.


summer vacation gives you enough time to preprepared main subject self written notes. other simple subject you can prepare in school time . This is the story of all topper. Never study without written on you bed. this is very bad habit. Please follow above rules strictly to become a topper. attention that any topper is not inborn but prepare.

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