Hygiene Long Answer Biology Class-9 ICSE Selina Publishers

Hygiene Long Answer Biology Class-9 ICSE Selina Publishers Solutions Chapter-15. Step By Step ICSE Selina Concise Solutions of Chapter-15 Hygiene-A key to Healthy Life with Exercise-15 including MCQs, Very Short Answer Type, Short Answer Type, Long Answer Type and Structured/Application Questions Solved Visit official Website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-9.

Hygiene Exe-15 Long Answer Biology Class-9 ICSE Concise Selina Publishers

Board ICSE
Publications Selina Publication
Subject Biology
Class 9th
Chapter-15 Hygiene-A key to Healthy Life
Book Name Concise
Topics Solution of D. Long Answer Type
Academic Session 2023-2024

D. Long Answer Type 

Hygiene-A key to Healthy Life Class-9 Biology Concise Solutions  

Page 165

Question 1.

Describe the different ways by which the housefly contaminates our food.


The different ways by which the housefly contaminates our food:

(i) Hairy body and legs: Hairy or spiny body and legs easily pick up dirt containing germs from unhygienic places such as rotten materials, infected wound or faecal matter. When these flies sit on our food, they rub their legs continuously dropping the particles of dirt onto the food, thereby contaminating it.

(ii) Pouring out saliva: When the housefly pours its saliva or regurgitates on food, foodstuffs get moistened and pathogens get deposited on them. This results in their contamination.

(iii) Excreta: While feeding on food items, houseflies may deposit their excreta on food, contaminating it.

(iv) Direct transmission of germs: In some cases, houseflies directly transmit the pathogens. In case of eye disease trachoma, pathogens are transferred from an infected person to a healthy person, when a fly settled on an infected eye of a person sits on the eyes of a healthy person.

Question 2.

What are the four major aspects of personal hygiene?


The four major aspects of personal hygiene are:

1. Cleanliness — Regular washing of hands is very important for our health as it helps to avoid so many communicable diseases. Cleanliness also include daily bathing, wearing washed clothes and washing hair and eyes. Brushing teeth, twice daily helps to maintain oral hygiene.

2. Rest and sleep — All organs of our body including the brain need rest. In general, the body obtains adequate rest by means of sleep. For adults 6-7 hours of continuous undisturbed sleep is sufficient.

3. Physical exercise — Physical exercise are important for all age groups. It should be systematic and regular. It improves blood circulation and maintains general health.

4. Healthy habits — Few healthy habits are:

(i) going to bed early but not immediately after dinner.

(ii) bowel clearing daily morning

(iii) tobacco, alcohol, stimulants and sedatives should be avoided.

(iv) rooms should be well ventilated for fresh air and sunlight.

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