ICSE Syllabus 2022-23: Get Revised Syllabus Released for New Session, Check Which Chapter Add / Reduced

ICSE Syllabus 2022-23: CISCE has released  the ICSE Revised Syllabus 2022-23 for the class 9 and 10 on 20th May 2022. Authorities have made these changes to ease the burden for remotely studying pupils of ICSE board.

ICSE Syllabus 2022-23: Get Revised Syllabus Released for New Session

Students can check the recent changes made to the syllabus within this article and also download the ICSE Syllabus for Classes 9 to 10. As ICSE is a comparatively tough exam board in comparison to other education boards in India it requires students to cover more complex topics in a shorter spam of time, it becomes crucial to properly go through the syllabus and start preparing for new session.

ICSE Syllabus 2022-23

ICSE Syllabus 2022-23: Get Latest revised Released for ICSE Class-6 to 10 for New Session

ICSE Revised Syllabus 2022-23: According to press release the CISCE has released the syllabus for new academic session 2022-23 and it would be applicable in 2023-24 board exam. Report said that council want to new session as their usual time ie. No late session for pandemic situation .

ICSE Revised Syllabus 2022-23: Press report released that there has been tremendous change in syllabus . You know that many chapters had been reduced  in last session due to pandemic situation. Last session reduced chapter re-store in new syllabus.

ICSE Revised Syllabus for Class 9 and 10: Circular released as latest guideline by council that there is not only change in syllabus for class 9 but also for class 10.

Every school has to follow it. All ICSE students are advised to go through the entire syllabus and then start the preparation. This will save your precious time as you won’t be wasting your time and efforts on those topics which will not be asked in the final examination. It will also give an overview of the topics and a clear idea of what to study in new academic session 2022-23.

ICSE Class 9 and 10 Revised Syllabus 2022-23 Session View / Open /Download

Following link has been given for View / Open /Download the new syllabus  of 2022-23 session which would be applicable up to 2023-24 board exam. Please analysis deeply through the entire syllabus before starting study of new academic session.

ICSE Syllabus 2022-23
History and Civics
Second Language (Hindi)
Commercial Studies
Classical Language
Environmental Science
Computer Applications
Economic Applications
Commercial Applications
Home Science
Physical Education
Environmental Applications
Second Language – Sanskrit

Importance of ICSE Syllabus 2022-23 (Applicable up to 2023-24 board exam)

Syllabus is the first thing that a student should pick before he/she starts preparing for the exam. Without the syllabus in hand, it is very difficult to keep track of what topics are important and what topics can be left. This year, the syllabus is change, so always refer to the latest syllabus provided here. Otherwise, you might give your precious time on topics that are omitted for this academic session. The syllabus is the basic and one of the most important learning resources that every student from the ICSE board must have in his hand. Let’s understand the main benefits of having an ICSE syllabus:

  1. Students can get detailed information on the course content, unit-wise marks distribution, projects, assignments, etc. for a particular class with the help of the syllabus.
  2. ICSE Syllabus helps students in the preparation for exams and hence their scores will increase.
  3. To get an idea about the different topics and subtopics that need to be studied for the academic year, you must refer to the latest syllabus for ICSE board.
  4. Students must have proper knowledge of the syllabus before they start studying to avoid wasting precious time on unimportant topics.
  5. The ICSE Syllabus will help students develop an understanding of key concepts and various topics.
  6. Visit textbook solutions of all publication on latest syllabus 2022-23 for ICSE Class-9 and ICSE Class-10 


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