Is CISCE Ask Repeated Question in Board Exam..?

Is CISCE Ask Repeated Question in Board Exam..?. This is the most often asking question among CISCE Board exam student.  You know that 2022-23 session is working now in their full groom now days.

Is CISCE Ask Repeated Question in Board Exam

Hence student preparing for 2022-23 board exam have a common question in their mind if CISCE ask the repeated questions. let us analysis it now. Visit official Website CISCE  for detail information

Is CISCE Ask Repeated Question in Board Exam..?

To give answer of this giant question we first attention  at last 10 year question has been asked in board exam by CISCE. There are no any question which has been repeated in same to same manner . Council change the same question in different format and ask again .  In case of maths there is no prove that any questions has been repeated.

Expert Idea on Repeated Question in Board Exam

Our team ask this question with expert and demanded for suggestion . some of them told as following. Observe carefully what they told over the topic.

pattern is repeated. And that is highly anticipated. Figures may change, statements may change but pattern will be the same.

With history, upto 60% of the questions get repeated. And even with biology many of them get repeated,but in case of other subjects like physics and chemistry there every year there are new questions given and not many of them is repeated

In Maths. Only pattern of question is same but numerical value change.

With Literature, repeted the question but board ask it in defferent manner you feel new one question


We conclude that board often ask the same question by changing the pattern and style  in deferent format. Such as  interchange the MCQ , Fill in Blanks, true false, give reason, odd one , define , figure based or name of following.

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