ISC English Language 2019 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers Solved

ISC English Language 2019 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers Solved for practice. Step by step Solutions with Questions. By the practice of English Language 2019 Class-12 Solved Previous Year Question Paper you can get the idea of solving.

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ISC English Language 2019 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers Solved

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ISC English Language 2019 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers Solved

Maximum Marks: 100

Time allowed: Three hours

(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time.)
Attempt all four questions.
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].
(You are advised to spend not more than 50. minutes on Question 1, 40 minutes on Question 2, 30 minutes on Question 3 and 1 hour on Question 4.)
(You should begin each answer on a fresh page.)

Question 1. (ISC English Language 2019 Class-12)

Write a composition (in approximately 450-500 words) on any one of the following subjects : (25)
(You are reminded that you will be rewarded for orderly and coherent presentation of material, use of appropriate style and general accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar.)
(a) You have gone on a trekking expedition with a group of friends. As night closed in, you realised that you were separated from the group. Describe your initial feelings and the place where you got lost. How did you spend the night alone before you were reunited with your group?

(b) It is easy to advice others not to worry, but difficult for oneself to follow the same. Narrate an experience which made you realise the truth of this statement.
(c) ‘The best things in life come free’. Write for or against the statement.
(d) Photographs
(e) In order to be successful, one should rely on oneself and not expect others to help. Express your views on the given statement.
(f) Write an original short story beginning with the following words :
She was delighted to find the sealed envelope lying on her table. As she reached for it ……………………

Answers-1 : (ISC English Language 2019 Class-12)

(a) A Trekking Expedition
A trekking expedition is always interesting and thrilling. We a group of friends decided to go on trekking in Manali during the winter season. I was highly excited. I thought we would have tun all the way. So I took keen interest in making preparations.

Some of my friends had already had trekking experiences. They sounded less enthused than others in the group, including myself. When they cautioned us about the difficulties on the way I just pooh-poohed what they said

We decided to walk all the day to reach Manhar, a small sleepy village where the uncle of one of our friends lived. He said that we would stay at his place for the night, and then resume our journey back to Manali the next day. Throughout the day long journey we all enjoyed a lot. Though after some hours of trekking in the valley on zig-zag, rough paths we felt tired. We saw in thedistance a black bear, but it disappeared in no time.

In my enthusiasm I opted to take a short-route. No one accompanied me. I went on and on, all alone. After an hour, the sun suddenly disappeared, and black clouds came threateningly over me.

There was no one visible. Only a mixture of animal sounds struck my ears. I realized that I had got lost I tried to look for some hut to take shelter. In no time the rain started. I was full of fear. It was becoming difficult to find the way. I slipped once or twice. A sudden roar of some animal—maybe a tiger—gave me shivers of fright. Thankfully, no animal came on my way.

Suddenly my eyes fell on a deserted hut on a mound. I rushed, almost running, to the place. I was surprised that there was no one in the hut. But to my good luck, a cot and a blanket were there. There were a few packets of eatables I ate some and lay down on the cot after having secured the door.

I would never forget this trekking expedition. It taught me not to be over zealous at any time in life.

(b) Easy to Advise Others
I often get panicky near all kinds of tests and interviews. Though I prepare myself well for any such ordeal, I cann’t help worrying. My mind is full of all sorts of apprehensions. I ask myself what would happen if I fail. But once I face the test or interview I am full of energy and enthusiasm.

My elder sister used to advise me to give up worrying. She repeatedly made fun of me for worrying uselessly. She posed herself as a calm and focused person who could never have any worry in life. My parents praised her for this quality of hers. I would envy her. But now I know the truth. She is not a worry-less person.

About a year ago she was finding a job after doing her B. Tech. She was quite confident in the beginning. But somehow she failed to find a decent job of her liking. She kept her poise for sometime. Dark circles began to appear under her eyes. Whenever Father or Mother would enquire if she had any problem, her answer would be, “What do you say ? What problem? I have no worry at all.” No one was convinced with her reply, but no one dared to challenge her. I decided to keep a watch on her.

I could not find anything abnormal with her for quite some time. One day my sister attended an interview with no positive result. When she came back home she was as usual smiling. She said she was still hopeful, adding she disliked those who worry unnecessarily, as she looked at me with a glint of mischief in her eyes. I was peeved, and became all the more determined to find out the reality about her.

That very night, through the open window of her study, I found her before her table, lying her head down, sobbing and then screaming. I did not disturb her. The next day, when she was out, I crept in her room. I found a paper on her table, with some lines scribbled over and over again—’I am a failure. I am a failure….’ Undoubtedly, she was worrying too much. Then I realised the truth that it is easy to advise others not to worry, but difficult for oneself to follow the same.

(c) The Best things in Life Come Free
It is strange but true that the best things in life come free. What are those ‘best’ things ? Not cars, bungalows, money, gadgets or comforts. One has to pay dearly for all these things, but these are not the best things as they are not perennial. They do not provide happiness. Nor do they provide us contentment. Rather these things make us more and more unhappy, greedy and dishonest

The best things in life are health, happiness and contentment, and all the elements of nature— air, water, rain or sunshine. These things cannot be sold or bought. They are acquired, inborn or enjoyed freely. Let us take health, first of all. It is strange that most of the rich people are unhealthy. They spend a lot of money.

They go to gyms, consult doctors and health- instructors, but in vain. It is simple because they are devoid of those things which matter in life the most-internal happiness and contentment. Most of them remain stressed, and stress becomes the cause of several ailments. It is, however, equally true that many poor persons also remain unhealthy because of their greed and dissatisfaction in life.

Happiness and contentment are inter-dependent. Those who are contented are almost always happy. Both these things can be had free of cost.

No money is needed for them If you have faith in yourself if you are well-adjusted in life if you are free from common vices, you are sure to be happy and contented. And if you are truly happy and contented, you are physically and mentally healthy.

If one enjoys air and sunshine which come free and freely to us, one is bound to be healthy. A regular walk in the morning and in the evening is enough to keep one health}. God has given us many things free of cost. Fresh air in the morning is health-giving, and so is sunshine. Those who confine themselves in narrow, AC chambers and do not enjoy the bounties of nature can never remain healthy for long.

Therefore, it is truly said that the best things in life are free.

(d) Photographs

Photographs are significant as they revive old memories and remind us of persons long forgotten. They are also used for identification purpose on official documents. In fact, they serve many purposes. A family album of photographs is a useful heirloom. With the use of digital cameras photographs are saved and stored. The new generation likes these kinds of photographs which are easy to take and save. The men belonging to the old generations still prefer old kind of photo albums to on-line albums.

The process of taking photographs with a camera is known as photography. A person who takes up photography as a hobby is called amateur photographer whereas one w ho practises it as a profession is called a professional photographer. Professional photographers fall into different categories — news photographers, fashion photographers, portrait photographers,’ landscape photographers and event photographers

Photography as a hobby is quite exciting and useful. Those who are fond of travelling can become good photographers. Photographs of various objects and scenes of nature are always captivating. Photographs of birds and animals in their natural habitats are interesting as well as instructive.

From these photographs we learn a lot about the behaviour and life styles of various animals and birds. Shooting animals with a camera has become quite an interesting and profitable activity for some animal lovers. With the help of zoom lenses cameras can capture animals and birds from a great distance.

Family photographs are always thrilling. Adults looking at their childhood photographs get a rare pleasure. They go back in memory lanes and remember what they have forgotten. Dead ancestors come alive through family photographs

Scientific and technological advancements have come as a boon in photography. Now we have digital cameras, video cameras, movie cameras, etc. Our mobile phones are fitted with quality cameras. Within minutes, a picture can be taken and transmitted across the globe. Photographs of various kinds, as such, continue to excite us. They provide unexpected surprises at times. They can also become a good source of income.

(e) Self-help
It is truly said that even God helps those who help themselves. It is only self-help that guarantees success. If you continue to sit idle and wait for someone to come and help you, you are greatly mistaken. No one likes to help those who do not rely on their own resources. Success comes to those who are confident of themselves.

They may be poor or weak, but they know that only their own efforts can enable them to overcome all difficulties and obstacles on the way to glory and success. Therefore, they do not sit idle. Rather they work hard and achieve success. Someone has rightly said that if you go to a person for help, he may strike a bargain with you to his own advantage.

Take a look at history All great worriors and heroes fought their own battles. Lord Krishna could have defeated the Kauravas single-handedly, but he let the Pandavas fight their own battles.The Pandavas too sought his blessings and inspiration and put in their sincere efforts and won the war. Good general lead their soldiers from the front and do not expect their soldiers to win wars for them.

Self-help is the best in whatever field you are. When you start putting your efforts and do your best, others do watch you and come to your help unexpectedly. But if you do nothing, you are ignored even by your best well-wishers. They feel that you do not deserve any help. Those who leave everything to God or Fate, they, too, are in for a shock. They may continue to chant God’s name thousands of times, God remains aloof and unhelpful.

Therefore, one must depend on oneself to achieve anything in life. Help from others should not be expected or waited for.

(f) She was delighted to find the sealed envelope lying on her table. As she reached for it, something unexpected happened all of a sudden. A small monkey entered her room from the open window behind her study table, caught hold of the envelope and ran out from the window in no time.

She screamed loudly and called her father who was still at home. Father came in and enquired what had happened.

Amonkey…a monkey’, she murmured.
‘What monkey ?’ Father asked her confusedly.

Papa… a monky has taken my envelope having my certificates. Do something, please. I can see him on a tree in our garden’.

Father ran out, followed by Seema. They saw the monkey, sitting on a branch, trying to figure out what the envelope was and what it had. With a stick, Father tried to frighten the monkey. The monkey a mischievous rascal, giggled as it jumped to another branch, holding the envelope carefully as if it were a prize possession.

Ramu, our servant, came out with a more practical solution. He picked up some stones and threw them up aiming at the monkey. The Monkey remained adament and seemed to laugh down at us from his perch.

Then suddenly a crow flew over the monkey, and in fright the monkey’s hold on the envelope loosened and it fell down with a thud.
Seema rushed forward and caught hold of the envelope. Father went to his room. Seema opened the envelope, and was amused to find a few forms in it, sent to some Rakesh to be filled in for some job.

Question 2. (ISC English Language 2019 Class-12)

(a) You are Nitin/Nita from XYZ School. You wish to start applying to various colleges for admission after your ISC examination. In about 300 words, draft your personal profile using the guidelines given below : (20)

Your name, years spent in the school you are passing out from — academic interests and performance — cultural activities you participated in — sports — positions of leadership held during your stay in the school — your future plans and goals — two characteristics that you consider to be your strengths — two characteristics that set you apart from the others.

(b) As a member of the Student Council of your school, you wish to start an old clothes collection drive. These clothes are to be donated to an orphanage nearby. Write a proposal in not more than 150 words, stating the steps you would take to make it a

Answer-2: (ISC English Language 2019 Class-12)

(a) Personal Profile

1. Name : Nitin
2. Father’s Name : B K Aggarwal
3. Address : 25, Raju Park, New Delhi
4. Education : Studied in St. Joseph’s school, Allhabad Passed ISC exam seeming 95% marks, 2018
5. Academic Interests : Reading journals on Computer Science Interest in Artificial Intelligence
6. Cultural Activities : Participated in debates at the Inter School Level Won many First Prizes
7. Sports : Interest in playing cricket and Hocky
8. Position of Leadership : was Head Boy for 1 year at the school
9. Future Plans . want to do MS in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) desire to work in an MNC in the USA
10. Personality : hard work and sincerity in whatever I do innovative mind, applying theories to day-to-day life.

(b) Proposal Heading Objectives

  • Proposal to start an old clothes collection drive
  • the orphanage near our school needs clothing badly
  • woollen clothes and blankets to be provided urgent
  • a system to be developed to cater to all kinds of needs of the inmates of the orphanage
  • the old clothes collection drive to be focused on the students of our school

List of Measures : students of senior classes o be requested to donae clothes liberally

  • a parents’ meeting to be arranged to apprise then of the drive and to make a request for help.
  • the morning assembly to be used for exhorting the students to donate and collect as many clothes sweaters, jackets. blankets. etc — as possible
  • the Principal and the staff to be involved in the drive actively.

Conclusion :

  • The humanitarian task to be undertaken by the student Council. will have a sobering influence and a novel experience for the students.

— Amit
Member. Student Council
St. Joseph School. Allahabad

Question 3.(ISC English Language 2019 Class-12)

Answer sections (a), (A) and (c).
(a) In each of the following items, sentence A is complete, while sentence B is not. Complete sentence B, making it as similar as possible to sentence A. Write sentence B in each case. (10)
(A) : All nooks and corners were checked.
(B) : No ……………………………………
(O) No nook or corner was left unchecked.

(A) : He is so old that he cannot remember events of the past.
(B) : He is too ……………………………………

(A) : As soon as the bell rings, the children run out (o pIa,
(B) : No sooner ……………………………………

(A) : No other planet is as big as Jupiter.
(B) : Jupiter ……………………………………

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