ISC English Literature 2019 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers Solved

ISC English Literature 2019 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers Solved for practice. Step by step Solutions with Questions. By the practice of English Literature 2019 Class-12 Solved Previous Year Question Paper you can get the idea of solving.

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ISC English Literature 2019 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers 

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ISC English Literature 2019 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers

Maximum Marks: 100

Time allowed: Three hours

(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time).
Answer one question from Section A and four questions from Section B.
In Section B choose questions on at least three textbooks which may include EITHER Shakespeare’s The Tempest OR Bernard Shaw’s Candida
Note: You are required to select questions on one play only, EITHER The Tempest OR Candida in Sections A and B
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [].


ISC English Literature 2019 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers 

(Answer one question)
THE TEMPEST – Shakespeare

Question 1.

Choose two of the passages (a) to (c) and answer briefly the questions that follow :
(a) Prospero: Ariel, thy charge
Exactly is perform’d; but there’s more work.
What is the time o’ th day?
Ariel: Past the mid-season.
Prospero: At least two glasses. The time’ twixt six and now
Must by us both be spent most preciously.
Ariel: Is there more toil? Since thou dost give me pains,
Let me remember thee what thou hast promised
Which is not yet performed me.

(i) Where are Ariel and Prospero? Where had Prospero sent Ariel? [1] (ii) What account of his task does Ariel give Prospero? [2] (iii) What had Ariel done with Alonso and his companions? [2] (v) Which promise does Ariel remind Prospero about? What does this tell you about Ariel? [2] (v) Why does Ariel think that he deserves what has been promised to him? What effect do his words have on Prospero? [2] (vi) Give the meanings of the following words in the context of the passage:
(a) twixt.
(b) remember [1]


(i) Ariel and Prospero are on an island in front of Prospero’s cell. Prospero had sent Ariel to cause a storm in the sea and to bring his enemies, Alonso. Antonio and others on the island.

(ii) Ariel (cils Prospero how he caused a storm on the sea and frightened the persons on the ship. All except the sailors deserted the ship and plunged into the sea. Now Ferdinand was sitting in one part of the island while the others were in another part. They knew nothing of what had happened to one another.

(iii) Ariel had so arranged everything by his supernatural powers that Alonso and others had been scattered on the island in small groups. While Ferdinand was sitting in one part of the island, thinking that others had drowned, others were in. different groups thinking that their companions had died in the storil.

(iv) Ariel reminds Prospero that he had promised to set him free if he performed the task given to him efficiently. it tells us that although Ariel possesses all the qualities of air. it is a spirit under the control of Prospero. It has always longed for its freedom.

(v) Ariel has carried out Prospero’s instructions with regard to the ship and its passengers. He has caused a storm on the sea and brought the passengers and the ship safel on the island. That is why, he thinks that he deserves his freedom promised to hitn by Prospero Prospero gets enraged at the words of Ariel and reminds him of his hard past when he was in the captivity of the witch Sycorax

(a) between
(b) remind

Antonio: Then let us both be sudden.
Gonzalo : (Waking) Now, good angels Preserve the king
Alonso: Whç how now? Ho! Awake?
Why arc you drawn?
Wherefore this ghastly looking?
Gonzalo: ‘What’s the matter?

(i) Where are the speakers? Briefly explain how they were at this place. [i] (ii) What does Antonio mean by “Then let us both be sudden”? What does he convince Sebastian to do? [2] (iii) What makes Gonzalo and Alonso wake up suddenly? [2] (iv) What reason do Sebastian and Antonio give for their strange behavior? [2] (v) Which sounds had Gonzalo heard? What did the king’s party decide to do at thè end of the scene? [2] (vi) Give the meanings of the following words as they are used in the context of the passage: [1] (a) sudden
(b) drawn
(i) The speakers are in one part of the island where Ariel had left them. They liad reached here aller their miraculous escape from the storm in the sea which was caused by Ariel. They liad jumped into tite sea to escape because the ship was about to sink.

(ii) Persuaded by Antonio, Sebastian had agreed to murder his brother Alonso and Gonzalo so that he was able to succeed to Alonso’s throne. While Alonso and Gonzalo were sleeping, they had decided to execute their plan of murder. In this regard Antonio had suggested to Sebastian that they should act with promptness. Antonio had convinced Sebastian that once Alonso was killed, his daughter Claribel would not come to claim the throne. Sebastian was sure to become the king of Naples.

(iii) Seeing that Gonzalo’s life is in danger, Ariel sings a song in his ear. In this song he tells Gonzalo that while he is sleeping, the conspirator is ready to avail himself of the opportunity. So he should wake up. Gonzalo wakes up and seeing Antonio and Sebastian with swords drawn awakens Alonso also.

(iv) Questioned by Gonzalo and Alonso as to why they have drawn their swords, Antonio and Sebastian tell them that they had heard a deep and distant growl like that of bulls or lions. This had awakened them and they had drawn their swords.

(v) Gonzalo had heard a low murmuring sound which had awakened him. Actually, it was Ariel’s voice buzzing in his ear to wake him up. At the end of this scene, Alonso and his companions decide to go on in search of Ferdinand. The king and Gonzalo were sure that he must be somewhere in the island.

(a) speedy, prompt
(b) with swords drawn, ready to attack

(c) Stephano: Put off that gown, Trinculo [Reaches for it]. By this hand, Fil have that gown.
Trinculo: Thy grace shall have it.
Caliban: dropsy drown this fool! What do you mean
To dote thus on such luggage’? Let’s alone,
And do the murder first. If he awake,
From toe to crown he’ll fill our skins with pinches
Make us strange stuff.

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