Macbeth Act-4 Scene-1 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-1 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama.  Scene wise summary is given to grasp the story easily using simple word. Therefore read the summary  carefully so that you can able to answer the extract question in your own word. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12 English.

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-1 Summary ISC Class 12 Drama

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-1 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama

Board ISC
Subject English
Class 12
Book Name Macbeth
Session  2024-25
Topics Summary of Act-4, Scene-1

Act-4 Scene-1 Summary of Macbeth

In this Act 4, Scene 1 Macbeth goes to meet the witches again at the pit of Acheron . To know the summary in detail read the following

Macbeth Goes to Meet the Witches Again

In the opening of scene, Macbeth goes to meet the witches again at the pit of Acheron for seeking the solutions how he can remain the power of Scotland securely. He tells them that he wants to learn more about his kingship.

Witches Perform an Evil Ritual

As per instruction given by Goddess Hecate, The witches perform an evil ritual. They mixing together a foul broth (Solution) in a cauldron (Huge Pots) with gross ingredients like toad poison, snake fillets, dog tongues, and even a finger from a strangled child.

Three visions to Appear Before Macbeth

As the witches chant and dance around the boiling cauldron, they calls three visions to appear before Macbeth immediately. They want to confuse Macbeth by telling misguided prophecy as per Hecate instruction. Three apparitions rise from the cauldron.

Three Vision tells Macbeth Fate

The first visions is an armed head that warns Macbeth to be attentive of Macduff. The second appeared with a bloody child that tells Macbeth that A man born of woman can not kill him while The third vision, a child wearing a crown and holding a tree branch, tells Macbeth will not be defeated until Birnam Wood moves to fight him at Dunsinane Hill.

Prophecies give Macbeth Satisfaction,

These prophecies feels Macbeth a false sense of satisfaction, making him think that he is unbeatable and secure. After three vision a more vision appeared of a line of eight kings carrying a mirror reflecting more kings – all descendants of Banquo, Macbeth’s former friend whom he had been killed by Macbeth. This vision again disturb the Macbeth. Macbeth is upset, so the witches make music and dance to cheer him, and then they vanish

Macbeth Realises his Reign Short-Lived and End Violently.

This last vision of eight king trembles Macbeth, making him realise that, his reign will be short-lived and end violently. In anger, Macbeth again ask the answers from the witches about Banquo’s successor becoming power, but witches refuse him cruelly.

Macbeth Plans to Kill Macduff’s Family

As soon as the witches disappear, Lennox enters and tells Macbeth that Macduff has fled to England. Macbeth resolves to send murderers to capture Macduff’s castle and to kill Macduff’s wife and children.

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