Summer Vacation 2023 Extended: More Chance of Further Extension

Summer Vacation 2023 Extended: More Chance of Further Extension. As you know that there is summer vacation/ holidays in India currently. School authorities have declared the date of school opening. But at eleventh hour the summer vacation has been extended . is there any more chance of further extension?

Summer Vacation 2023 Extended: More Chance of Further Extension

Summer Vacation 2023 Extended: As per report one time extension has been already declare due to weather report.   This extension is declared for Uttar Pradesh MP and rajasthan State only.

Summer Vacation 2023 Extended More Chance of Further Extension

According to circular released the school of UP would be open now from 26th of June 2023. But there is less chance that school of UP, PM Rajasthan may be open on this confirm if weather report not satisfactory.

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Parents Want More Extension- Report

Our team have done a survey taking reaction of this extension if they are satisfied . Most of them given negative response on the duration of this extension .

They told that it is impossible to attend the school from 26th of june if weather do not cool down. Most of them want further / more extension and demanded the opening of school in July 2023.

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More / Further Extension May be Possible – Experts

On discussing the issue of more / further extension with team of expert, they have given the positive response over the topics. They told us that there is great possibility on more / further extension as strong heat wave are continuously blowing in norther part of India..

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Although parents have demanded for more / further extension but 2nd extension  is only possible at weather report, said expert. Therefore we  can not said confirmally on extension again unless weather report  forecast about the raining / monsoon.


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