Upcoming Bajaj Bike CNG : Now get rid of petrol pump, will get mileage of 80

Upcoming Bajaj Bike CNG : India’s famous two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj is planning to launch its two new bikes. On which work is being done very vigorously. One of these two bikes is going to be an important bike of Bajaj with CNG. In which you will get to see an excellent mileage. This bike can provide a mileage of up to 80 kilometers running on CNG. And the second bike is Bajaj Pulsar NS 400. Which has been designed as a sport bike considering today’s times.

Upcoming Bajaj Bike CNG  Now get rid of petrol pump, will get mileage of 80

Upcoming Bajaj Bike CNG : Now get rid of petrol pump, will get mileage of 80

Bajaj was actively working on developing CNG (compressed natural gas) variants of its motorcycles. They had announced plans to launch CNG-powered two-wheelers, including a CNG-powered motorcycle called Bajaj Qute and Bajaj Urbanite. However, the availability and release dates of these CNG-powered bikes have changed since then.

These CNG bikes were expected to offer dual-fuel options, allowing riders to switch between gasoline and CNG fuel sources. The objective was to offer an alternative that was not only environment friendly but also economically viable due to the lower cost of CNG compared to petrol.

Upcoming Bajaj Bike CNG

Indian company Bajaj Motor is making a CNG bike, the video and patent of which was leaked on social media some time ago. Looking at its patent, it is being estimated that Bajaj company will create a stir by launching its CNG bike in the market very soon. This bike will be based on an entry level computer segment. Experts say that these CNG bikes can be fitted on CT100 or CT110. Its leaked patent shows that it is being made using a perimeter frame. Experts also say that these bikes will have petrol fuel tanks along with CNG fuel tanks so that they can run on petrol after the CNG is exhausted.

Upcoming Bajaj Bike Pulsar NS400

Bajaj NS 400, a new variant of Bajaj company’s famous bike Pulsar, is being prepared to launch in India very soon. Bajaj Motors is working very fast on this also. It can be launched next year 2024. This motorcycle will be the first 400cc sports bike from Bajaj’s portfolio which is inspired by the Pulsar RS 200.

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Features of Bajaj Pulsar NS400 Features

As you know that Bajaj Pulsar car has always been creating a stir in the Indian market with its features, now you are expected to get many new features in this new variant of Bajaj too. In Pulsar NS 400 you can see a fully digital instrument cluster, which will support Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone connectivity and navigation system. And on its fully digital instrument cluster, you will get to see many great features like speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, gear position, fuel gauge, service indicator, turn indicator, stand alert and real time.

Bajaj Pulsar NS400 Price

If we talk about the price of Bajaj Pulsar NS 400, then its estimated price can be Rs 2.3 lakh ex-showroom. Some experts also say that the price of this bike is going to be more expensive than Bajaj Dominar 400, because it is going to be included in a sports bike.

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