Board Result 2023: Scenario Will Change if Higher Weightage ..

Board Result 2023: Scenario Will Change if Higher Weightage .. of  internal exam.  There is a ghost question that what would be about weightage taken in internal exam of 2023.

Board Result 2023: Scenario Will Change if Higher Weightage of Internal Assessment

The marking scheme plays a crucial role in deciding your overall score in board exams.  If CISCE will take higher weightage of internal assessment then the scenario of 2023 result may be tremendous change. Higher number of student will obtain more than 85 % to 90 % in academic session 2022-23 exam.

Official Announcement on weightage

As per report CISCE has not announced the weightage policy. Marksheet preparation would be done after uploading the marks. Perhaps in a few day the officially announcement can be publish by CISCE over the topic, however, it is clear that overall score of final results will be greatly depend on internal assessment.

What Can Do if Unhappy with Result

If you are not satisfied with your result then do not worry.  There is still many option which you can use to do better without academic loss of session . Visit  Unhappy With Result 2023: Follow Three Options  and choose a most suitable method to improve your performance.

CISCE Criteria for Calculating Percentage

You often hear that in ICSE as well as ISC student discuss the method of calculating percentage. Most common and confidential method is TOP 5 Marks in ICSE while TOP 4 Marks in ISC including English marks.

Scoring Subject Will Change Overall Performance

There are many scoring subject which potentially increase the overall performance of your result. To know which subjects are scoring and which are not scoring visit the page “Scoring subject of CISCE” and get the lubm sumb idea of your upcoming result.

Keyword Also Change the Scenario of Result

Why Keywords Important in ICSE / ISC Descriptive Ans. What is the importance and how can use the right keywords.  To get the answer of these questions please visit the page “Importance of  keyword” in ICSE and ISC exam.

Exact Date of CISCE Result 2023

The ISC examinations took place from 13 February 2023 to 31 March 2023, while the ICSE exams took place from 27 February 2023 to 29 March 2023 successfully at various CISCE school. Now the copy checking process is started at war level. So that result can be finalize and declare soon. To know the exact date of cisce result please follow the page “Exact Date of Result ”  for CISCE 2023.

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