ICSE ISC Copy Checking 2023 Update: Scoring in These Subject

ICSE ISC Copy Checking 2023 Update: Scoring in These Subject. The  ICSE and ISC exam of 2023 has been over. The copy checking process is at full strength at various correction center. Now candidate of CISCE eagerly want to know the level of copy correction. There are Lenient / Tough Checking subject wise reported from various reliable resources.

ICSE ISC Copy Checking 2023 Update:

ICSE ISC Copy Checking 2023 Update: The council has appointed a chief center for supervision of copy correction process accordance law. A Solved sheet of each subject has been given to each checker so that marks can be awarded correctly.

These answer sheet  has well and clear guideline that step marks must be given.  There is a lot of guideline which is useful for each checker at checking center.

Scoring in These Subject

There are many subject in ICSE ISC in which some of them are scoring while some of them are not scoring. Now we will discuss the subject which are more scoring than other subject chosen in ICSE ISC.

The main scoring Subject

There are following subject which gives you more marks than some subjects.

  • Hindi – The Hindi is one of them in case of scoring. This subject increase your overall percentage. There is lenient checking in Hindi as earlier report of previous checker.
  • English-  English is treated as compulsory subject in CISCE. Expert tells that Student also get good marks in English. Although there is two paper but marks are both added and divided by two to get marks of English.
  • Physical Education- This is the most scoring subject in CISCE. Student can prepare for this exam within lesser time than any other subject of ICSE / ISC, “Said report”.
  • Computer Application –  This is the only subject in ICSE which has maximum marks of 200. The 100 marks for internal while 100 marks of external exam. Each student get more than 80 marks in internal exam. Both internal and external marks are added and divided the result by two. This subject also potentially increase your overall performance in exam.
  • Home Science- Home science is also a scoring subject as discussed above. Student gets good marks always in this subject which play an important role in your percentage of result.
  • Biology- At last the the Biology is also treated as scoring subject in the opinion of many student. Although this subject is not as much scoring .

The above discuss subject are more scoring than any other. In case of lenient checking of these subject your marks would be potentially increase. The information given on this post is based on expert suggestion although there is no any official guideline over the topics.


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