ICSE ISC 2023 Answer Sheet: Step Marking with Lenient Checking ?

ICSE ISC 2023 Answer Sheet: Step Marking with Lenient Checking ? This is the giant question now days among all CISCE candidates who has given their 2023 board exam currently. If you have also the same question then this post is for you.

ICSE ISC 2023 Answer Sheet: Work in Progress

ICSE ISC 2023 Answer Sheet: According to report through reliable source (non official) the copy correction work is in full flow. Council want that all the answer sheet must be checked before end of the April. After that marks can be uploaded and data can be finalize So that result could be declare on time to avoid academic loss.

Step Marking in ICSE ISC 2023 Answer Sheet …  ?

As latest report the step marking system is also applied in 2023 checking procedure. The answer booklet given to each checker has clear guideline for step marking whether your answer was partly wrong. This system will gain your marks and final increase the overall percentage of your result 2023.

with Lenient Checking  …. ?

Your marks not only depend on your correctness of answer only but also on various factor. These factor influence your final marks . What are these factor.

ICSE ISC 2023 Answer Sheet Step Marking with Lenient Checking

  1. Step marking
  2. Lenient checking
  3. Extra question Attempt
  4. Wrong question attempt
  5. mood of checker after seeing the writing.
  6. Answer format
  7. Answer is correct but no keyword written

The factor shown above will play an important role to gain your marks. Although board was always lenient in case of checking till last year, “said report”. In case of 2023 it is also expected that board will also show the same behavior’s in the fervor of student.


At last it is almost confirm that step marking with lenient checking will be apply in 2023 board copy checking process. Our team has discuss with some expert and told most of them in positive.


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