CISCE Exam 2023 Question Level: Section-Wise Standard Reported

CISCE Exam 2023 Question Level: Section-Wise Standard Reported as latest guideline. The board is going to conduct its exam from February.

CISCE Exam 2023 Question Level Section-Wise Standard Reported

Student has been feeling much confusion over the topic of question standard. Therfore we have analysis the necessory point and output the result. Let us start the topics now.

CISCE Exam 2023 Question Level: Section-Wise Standard Reported

According to report via various sources the standard of question paper has been defined. There are mostly two section in ICSE while three or more section in ISC.

Sec-A Standard May be Easy–Report

As non official report the question paper level of sec-A may be not hard. Although sec-A contain mostly MCQs type question. This sec-A is compulsory all question to attempt. if you have prepared simply then you can easily solved these question of sec-A.

Sec-B Standard May be Tough–Report

Report also said that sec-B of ICSE as well as ISC may be tough. This section contain almost descriptive question and need more skill to explain well. Hence you should focus proper attention on this part of board question paper 2023.

In ICSE only four question should be attempt on this sec-B. Therefore you shoud take clear and right decision on selection of certain question without taking time on thinking.

What Happen If Attempt all in Sec-B

Expert report on this topic is very clear for previos year. there is no any latest guideline for 2023 exam has been released by CISCE.

As previous report if you attemted all question from sec-B then all question will be checked by inspector. Only top 4 marks would be added. Although this is not latest guideline for 2023 exam policy.

We will publish such report as soon as relesed by CISCE.


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